Introducing The Tierion Network

A global platform to secure the world’s data

Tierion has come a long way since launching the company in late 2015. We’ve created a product that customers love, built a great team, and have made significant progress towards our mission to secure the world’s data.

Today we’re announcing the Tierion Network, a universal platform for data verification that operates at massive scale. With this next step, Tierion is transforming from a SaaS company, to a global distributed network.

Microsoft is joining Tierion in running a core part of the network infrastructure.

What problem does Tierion solve?

Businesses safeguard and notarize important documents such as property titles and contracts to ensure anyone can prove their veracity. Surprisingly, there isn’t a universal equivalent for safeguarding digital data. Companies in healthcare, insurance, and financial services are trusted with safeguarding huge volumes of critical data. Proving the authenticity of information within these industries is currently cumbersome, expensive, and in many cases impossible.

Tierion solves this problem by providing a “proof engine” for the Internet. We’ve created a technology called Chainpoint that lets anyone prove with absolute certainty, when data was created and if it has been modified from its original state.

Tierion works by creating a proof that links data to a transaction on a blockchain. This is called anchoring. Anyone with this proof can verify the data’s integrity and timestamp without relying on a trusted authority.

Over a thousand companies have used Tierion, including large enterprises like Microsoft, Philips, as well as innovative startups such as Accredible and Tokken.

The Tierion Network

To continue our mission to secure the world’s data, we’re launching the Tierion Network. Chainpoint has been upgraded to version 3.0 and will now run as a service on the Tierion Network. Together, they provide a universal platform for data verification that operates at massive scale.

Read The Tierion Network White Paper

Anyone will be able to join the Tierion Network by running a node. Each node improves the network’s scalability and reliability.

Tierion Network Token (TNT)

Along with this new distributed architecture, a token is being introduced. The Tierion Network Token (TNT) provides an economic incentive to secure the network infrastructure, and serves as a method of settlement between parties to access network resources.

The token sale is scheduled to start on July 27th and will last until August 10th. Learn more at the Tierion Network Token Sale Website.

What’s the big picture?

We see a fundamental problem with the Internet’s trust infrastructure. The root of trust for all systems relies on trusted authorities. Tierion Network makes it possible to create a better Internet where proof replaces trust as the foundation for security.