Donald Trump and The Definition of Insanity
Shane Snow

I sure hope no one is paying you for this incomprehensible drivel. Did you make all this up on your own or did you get some help?
You simply need to deal with it snowflake. Donald J Trump is now President Of The United States. Period. If I had to deal with Obama for 8 years, you have to deal with The Donald.

“58,000 mental health professionals…”
What a load of garbage. You can’t get 58,000 of any group on the planet to agree on anything. Let alone someone’s mental status. Are these the same “professionals” that say that man is responsible for climate change? Nothing but total bs promoted by the disillusioned progressive liberals.
I read that those same 58,000 mental health professionals also said that you, Shane Snow, need to be institutionalized in the nearest nut house. 
That has about as much credibility as your quote from these “professionals”.