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SF Ali

Most people don’t want to associate with such anti-American garbage as this. They are also scared of the ridiculous PC culture that has engulfed America and don’t want to be labeled some “hate” name or group.
But i’m not, I don’t care who likes my opinion. I think you and your beliefs can go straight to hell. This is nothing more than hate spewed at America. The vicious and vile part of your religion has put the entire Muslim faith in question simply because no one will in your religion will condemn the terrorists killing people all over the world. You need to focus your hate on the people in these Muslim countries that aide and train these terrorists and support the counties that are trying to defeat these evil people. 
Not to mention your unfounded hate of the President of the United States. Makes no matter if you like him or not. You respect the office of the President, just like the rest of America accepted Obama as President for eight years.

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