MEET’N’LEARN — The virtual meeting space for people with and people who want knowledge

Complex topics, fast-paced learning, the growing diversity of content — more and more pupils and students are seeking professional support. In Germany alone, every one in five students between the age of ten and 18 years has additional coaching, says Bertelsmann. But how do you find the right coach? Hang a note on the blackboard at schools and universities? Mine private contacts based on recommendations? Sign up to coaching organisations? There must be another way, thought Juraj Svinčák, Tomas Palkovič and Jessica White, and founded their start-up company Meet’n’Learn.

The team behind Meet'n'learn

Learn wherever and how you want

Meet’n’Learn brings people with knowledge together with people who want to acquire it. This is the founding idea of the online platform that very simply puts students requiring assistance and qualified teachers and experts in touch. In 2012, the start-up candidates Juraj Svinčák (CEO), Tomas Palkovič (CTO) and Jessica White put Meet’n’Learn online in Slovakia, but not with the usual choice of subjects. Alongside classic coaching subjects such as English, maths and biology, prospective users are also able to seek help with how to use Adobe Illustrator or banking management, for example. Anyone who registers with Meet’n’Learn gains access to the profiles of hundreds of coaches and can get in touch with them. In turn, the teachers no longer need to invest their time in laborious self-marketing exercises, but can instead connect with pupils and students quickly and directly.

Coaching with energy — on other markets too thanks to Wayra

Following the successful launch of the business, the young founders quickly tackled other potential markets. On the search for promising partners and sponsors in Germany, Wayra, the start-up accelerator from Telefónica, appeared on the radar. At the start of 2015, the successful entrepreneurs moved to Munich. Thanks to a professional management and extensive mentoring, as well as the access to training and information content and access to the global partner network provided by

Wayra and Telefónica, the successful collaboration with Wayra very quickly bore fruit. Just a few months after joining the Wayra Academy, Meet’n’Learn was able to impress investors from the Slovak firm Neulogy Ventures with their concept. Neulogy Ventures quickly invested Euro 200,000 in the learning platform.

“Connect online, learn offline” — status quo after three years

81% fully completed profiles
95% coaches with verified contact details
An average response time to enquiries of 6 hours
More than 1,500 references from students

What the entrepreneurs say

Meet’n’Learn co-founder Juraj Svinčák: “The fact that we made it into the Wayra Academy with our idea was a small breakthrough for us. Wayra opened important doors for us, and we’ve got to know very promising sponsors and supporters. Not least, the professional support provided by Wayra during our founding period helped us to get our business model off the ground.”

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