In India, this is what you can do if Consumer Complaint notices goes unanswered

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Did you send a legal notice to resolve your dissatisfaction on the product/service purchased and did not receive any response? Fret not. Your Service/Product provider has already done a grave mistake by not taking your complaint seriously and have actually given you all the rights to get compensation for failing to perform his duty of providing you a quality product or service.

You first consider this check list. Have you informed the service/product provider about the issue? Have you escalated the issue to the manager/CEO by sending a mail/letter specifically to them? Have you warned them that failure to respond to your queries may result in a legal suit? Have you sent the legal notice to the service/product provider through registered post?

If the answer for all the above questions is a Yes, then don’t worry the service/product provider is legally bound to respond within 21 working days. Failure to which you just need to document the entire process and provide it as proof to court that you used all means available to settle the issue amicable outside the court but was shrugged off by the service/product provider.

This will result in a ruling in favour of your complaint and now service/product provider is legally bound to provide you that compensation with complete satisfaction of terms and conditions of the judgement of the court in both letter and spirit. If the service/product provider fails to follow the judgement in both letter and spirit then it becomes a case of contempt of court and the service/product provider will face criminal proceedings which will be a costly affair to the service/product provider.

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