Outsourcing everyday life

What parts of your life are time-consuming, distracting, and boring? For me, this list includes washing the dishes and researching items I plan to buy. I often think “what if I could get rid of this list?” How would I spend that time? How would I feel without that stress?

Outsourcing is often considered a tool for businesses. Businesses that outsource delegate jobs or services to a third party. Unfortunately, individuals don’t often adopt this mindset. I recently experimented with outsourcing in my daily life. I find it easy, convenient, and enjoyable — I think you will too!

My husband and I recently moved apartments. We wanted to sell our current couch to buy one that better fit our new space. Have you tried to sell furniture recently? It is a time-consuming pain.

Enter outsourcing — I stumbled upon a business that sells your furniture for you. The perk, as I saw it, was they already had the market. People go to their website, trusting the quality of the resale furniture. I did not have a personal market or furniture resale trust. Instead of trying to build the trust on my own, I outsourced selling my couch to this company. If you’re in Chicago, I would recommend using them (MarketSquare).

MarketSquare picked up our couch and stored it in their warehouse. They uploaded professional photos of it to their website. Upon selling, they direct-deposited our earnings. Easy peasy.

Alternatively, I could have promoted the couch myself on resale sites, using photos that I took with my phone. I would have set up times to meet potential buyers, only to be stood up 10+ times. 3 months later someone would officially buy the couch. Meanwhile, the couch would have taken up space in our new apartment. No thank you.

You can delegate almost anything… Responding to emails. Buying birthday gifts. Most tasks done via computer or phone are tasks that someone else could do for you.

Apples For Dinner exists so you can outsource decorating. We take minimal information and pour over photos to discover your aesthetic. Apartment decorating is stressful. Send that stress our way and we’ll send you professional, cohesive photos in return.

Originally published at applesfordinner.com on October 8, 2018.