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Periscope, Twitter’s live video streaming app, lets you broadcast and explore your world through live video to see what’s going on around the world in real-time. The power of the app comes from its immediacy — anyone with a phone can press a button and stream for the entire world to see, making it a popular tool to cover live news, current events, politics, sports, and even your morning commute.

How do I get started?

Download the Periscope app for Android or iOS, and sign in using your Twitter account. From there, watch a few streams, interact with live presenters through the live chat or by tapping the screen to send hearts to show you like the content, and follow a few channels you find interesting. …

The must know takeaways and talking points from this year’s EventTech conference by Event Marketer.

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The 2016 edition of EventTech, the three-day conference created by , has recently wrapped. Each year, EventTech represents our industry’s biggest and best opportunity to network with brands, vendors, and agencies alike, , perform research for the next edition of , and — most importantly — get a first hand feel of the evolving and growing pulse of the overall world of experiential marketing.

Here are the most important learnings we took away from EventTech 2016.

Measurement Wins the Iron Throne

Each year, EventTech illuminates the singular, dominate technology-enabled focus of our industry. For the past few years, social media was the darling of the event. …

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Snapchat’s foray into the hardware space with “Spectacles” is proving buzz-worthy and harkens back to a time when screens didn’t get between us and life.

It’s been over three years since the release of Google Glass, and you won’t be surprised when you look around and see that nobody is wearing those. While revolutionary in its concept, Google Glass missed the mark on execution.

Seemingly “nerdy,” or “pretentious,” Google Glass was an eye-sore from the get-go and the tech Giant failed to revolutionize the eyewear industry as expected.

The product promised too much while appealing to too little. In its early positioning towards professionals, and the early-adopter, tech-blogger types, it alienated the mass market and missed out on capturing the cool factor.

Still, there was something there. Glasses with a camera. …



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