46 ideas for Elon Musk and Tesla

Aug 7 · 10 min read
The shameless selfie I took in the queue I instantly regretted: the celeb thing is not Elon’s style.
Our cars being pulled up except that Elons was doing something no other Tesla’s could do at the time.

Starting with a UX Masterplan

Our Approach

Inside The Vehicle: Idea #1

A key element that would help navigate more effortlessly was the tool of swiping versus point — touch — select. Here is how it would work:
Spotify Implementation
Netflix Implementation
Netflix in the Model 3
How Waze would look

Outside The Vehicle: Idea #39

Connected To The Vehicle: Idea #43

“You have done an exemplary job. It’s not you that is a 3/10, it’s where we are right now. It’s how much farther we have to go as an industry, to deliver a human experience. It could take years to get there; I believe we can get there faster.”

The original concept UI elements in one video

David Martin



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by David Martin (Founder & President)

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