Designing for the world’s most popular weather app

A sincere passion of any UI/UX design team is taking raw data and turning it into visual awesomeness. Right? Off course it is.

At our little design firm, Fantasy, we have indeed NO sales/business department that churns up work. Proudly, 100% of it happens organically and lands in our inbox like a present on Christmas morning. Sometimes you unwrap the paper and open a pair of socks and other times it’s a Super Nintendo.

So when The Weather Channel emailed and asked if we would partner with them and their meteorologists to turn complex data into intuitive visualizations for Apple Watch users, you could probably visualize that cheeky grin on our faces, just like the grin you had when you started to open that Christmas wrapping from the box and miraculously peering out from the opening was a Nintendo logo. YES!

Designing weather on your wrist

Weather is the most common connection we have with strangers. It’s the most sought after data besides time itself. So what was our creative approach? We developed a methodology, a DNA if you will.

  1. Weather should be at glance
  2. Weather should be at your fingertips
  3. Weather should be smart

Smart Weather

Similar to how Google maps on your mobile device autonomously realizes you are now on the way to work and provides you proactively with a commute time and arrival, Weather too can be smart. We can suggest you bring an Umbrella as rain is expected or we can notify you of severe weather types and how to stay safe.

Seeing into the future

We took advantage of the crown on the newly released Watch software to enable users to cycle forward and see upcoming weather conditions in advance.

The icons of icons

We had a great opportunity not only to define a new product look and feel for the Weather Channels products but to redesign the array of weather icons themselves.

It’s an amazing feeling as designers to know that millions of people are wearing your digital tattoo on their arm.

For more info, check out the case study or download the app. Enjoy the sunshine :)


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