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Fantasy UI — “Dream as big as you dare”

We have long recognized that some of the best of you in the UX / UI world, do not live, cant or may want to live in a NYC or San Francisco. In addition to our US based teams, we have successfully created a remote, full-time, UX/UI Team consisting of amazing talent from Russia to Vietnam from China to the UK. They are just as much part of the Fantasy Family as those in-house and work on our key challenges collaboratively with our clients and in-house teams.

Our remote team at Fantasy is indeed growing, as is our NY and SF in-house teams of which you can find numerous openings for right here.

We offer full-time contracts and fully embrace you as a full-time Fantasy Team member from any location in the world. We are growing our remote team which is focused on defining the future of mobile and AI operating systems among other verticals.

To be considered for a remote full-time role UI/UX role (Sr or Director levels) at Fantasy (40hrs per week), email the following to

  1. Your name / location
  2. Portfolio link
  3. Your availability to work full-time with Fantasy

The subject should be “Sr UI Designer”, “Sr UI Motion Designer” or “Sr Visual Designer“. If you do both, let us know in the email. Consult our for a reference of the work level. You must be available 40hrs per week and available for hire and not working full-time or part-time elsewhere.

These roles provide the top tier excellent talent from every country in the world an opportunity to work with and become part of the world famous Fantasy. We have created a Keynote to provide you with insight into User Experience Design at Fantasy. For best viewing — use Keynote on your desktop or IOS device.

Experience Design at Fantasy SHARED KEYNOTE

Some other UI motion and visual design work that illustrates what we are looking for in style, polish, and execution you can find in our What if? case studies such as:

What if Tinder did Travel?
Is this the future of online shopping?
Is this the future of the airline website?
Is this the future of online healthcare?
Hyper Dash Emotional UI Concept
The team behind the Amper project, an AI music composer

Fantasy is an independently owned human-centered UI & UX firm in San Francisco, New York City and remotely across the globe.

Creating product UI within automotive UI to artificial intelligence, consoles to mobile operating systems, healthcare to crypto banking. We partner with Netflix to 23andMe, Google to Twitter and Spotify to Huawei to name a few.

Our mission is to significantly impact the user experience in every-day products through bold design. We are thriving and therefore, you guessed it, hiring.

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Our thoughts on the future of the airline website.
Our thoughts on the future of online shopping.
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by David Martin (Founder & President)

by David Martin (Founder & President)