Animated ads, the next major advertising format?

Major challenges surrounding mobile advertising center on immediacy and the ability to create highly engaging as well as innovative media content. Marketers are continuously seeking new ways to tell their story to captivate viewers. Increasingly we’re seeing mobile advertisers are moving away from traditional video formats and are gravitating towards shorter formats, or in this case GIF-type clips, to captivate an increasingly distracted audience.

  1. Boomerang
     Instagram reinvented a new approach to the traditional GIF that’s called Boomerang. Boomerang differentiates itself as a GIF-like video that has the ability to loop, be fast forward and also rewound. Although this is set-up like a traditional GIF, one of the major benefits are that these videos will not be automatically saved to your camera roll. Michelle Obama was seen sharing a Boomerang with her daughters this week in (Cosmopolitan) and Timberland has even capitalized on this Instagram trend, the past few months.

2. Cinemagraphs
 Cinemagraphs have surfaced as an exceptional tool for brands on social media. Cinemagraphs are similar to a traditional GIF, in that the photos have repeated motions that resemble a short video clip. What is mesmerizing about this format is that it allows the viewer to engage with a 15-sec snip of your message that is much more aesthetically pleasing than a video clip or static image. Cinemagraphs actually have 71% higher reach than still images. Digiday trends for 2016 predict these will be a major tool for marketers this year. Heinekan, Coca-Cola, Toyota and Stuart Weitzman have already shown exemplary creative content with this format.

3. Cinematic Pins
 Pinterest launched Cinematic Pins -these promoted pins have 30–50 frames and animate as the user scrolls down through their Pinterest feed. Most advertisers have yet to fully utilize Pinterest features to their full advantage. This type of ad unit is not only native (in feed) and thus un-disruptive but its subtle movement is catching to the eye. Cinematic Pins are showing great engagement rates, AdWeek recently reported that for every 100 Promoted Pin impressions, brands see 30 free views thanks to repinning. This is promising for marketers as Cinematic Pins provide a great alternative to those wishing to test new formats and branch away from traditional mediums.

4. Live & Vivid Photos
 Apples’ live photos now have the ability to be shared across Facebook. Live Photos are like a small video snips that capture a few seconds of sound and movement. Live Photos are now a resource that are truly advantageous to users and marketers alike. Since they just became available to Facebook, brands have yet to use them as a unique format. Samsung has even introduced their own version of Live Photos called Vivid Photos. Live and Vivid Photos will be able to offer sound and motion as opposed to traditional static imagery ads on Facebook.

This article was written by Ana Chave, Marketing and PR Associate at Fetch San Francisco.

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