Weekly Mobile Roundup

Hello Friday! The weekend is upon us, and we couldn’t be more enthused to deliver you the latest on everything mobile. This week there was significant hype for the upcoming Star Wars film debut and Samsung’s latest VR set. We also saw Uber and Starbucks add convenient features to their platforms and more.

Read on for the full scoop.

1. Verizon is set to giveaway free Star Wars Google Cardboard cutouts. Although these only showcase a few teasers for the upcoming film, they are set to have eight other VR clips, in the next two weeks leading up to the film debut. They also look amazing. The force is strong with this one.

2. Samsung may be delivering some bad news for Christmas. Samsung’s VR Set is shown as sold out on both Amazon and Bestbuy. Samsung’s site is promising free deliveries, but may not be able to ship you a set until after 12/25.

3. Can’t find your Uber? On Wednesday, Uber launched their latest UberSpot feature. This feature will have riders choose a color, and that color will flash in the corner of an Uber drivers windshield.

4. Starbucks is to launch a mobile delivery service with Postmates, so now you can have Starbucks delivered at your door in the morning. It’s being tested in Seattle and will hopefully become a permanent feature. Starbucks has already seen significant success with mobile order & pay.

5. TV ads are effective for advertising mobile apps -our most recent FetchMe report indicates, “An increase in app installs by 650% when TV spots were shown from midnight to 1 am and during primetime hours”. Read more of this report at GigaOm

And that concludes this week’s top stories. Have a good weekend and be sure to follow us @WeAreFetch.

Ana Chave is a Marketing & PR Associate at Fetch San Francisco

Originally published at wearefetch.com.