Photography: Iwan Baan

How to increase our team’s productivity, encourage dedication and build a company culture?

By Michael Nunes | Creative Director at Monday

Do we have less and shorter meetings? Have more team hangouts?

We believe that our people make the agency and that’s the main reason we moved to Second Home Lisbon. But why? Let’s start from our energy level. To accomplish great quality work a team needs to walk into the agency, mentally strong. We always need a big boost of energy to think through complex tasks and that’s a priority for us. We could never let our clients down. Their trust is a nº1 priority, all of them deserve great work and excellent service.

Photography: Iwan Baan

Changing our office

By choosing Second Home as our office we’re giving our team a healthy environment, full of plants (1000 to be precise). It helps us have a sense of serenity, which leads to a better focus, culminating in a better creative work. When you ask someone to be creative, you’re effectively asking them to express themselves and take risks. It requires self-confidence and bravery.

So, with this change we elevate our beliefs that a nurturing environment where everyone feels relaxed enough to express themselves can bring great work and self confidence within a team. This is something that we gain not just from physical space but as well as the emotional space.

On top of this, in order to increase our team cultural knowledge and knowhow of new market trends we have weekly conferences. In this conferences we have a direct contact with professionals of different areas from around the world. This allows us to achieve a better global perspective from where the market is and where it’s going.

Photography: Iwan Baan

Living in a multi-cultural world

Another point is diversity. Being surrounded by different people from different areas and different parts of the globe means knowledge. We gain knowledge from our ecosystem. Making us more able of achieving even higher work quality.

Photography: Iwan Baan

Healthy mind healthy body = Happy life

People need to be mentally and physically healthy to achieve good and better performance. So, we have Yoga and Pilates classes and every team member as the opportunity to work their flexibility (well, some better than others, of course ehehe). We all know how bad it does for us being sat down for long strait hours. So, nothing better than having our class right here.

Photography: Iwan Baan

Welcome changes

Encourage change, and then embrace it. We try to always be open to changes and we let it happen organically when it feels right. Just because something was right in a certain way once, it doesn’t mean it should stay that way forever. We live in a world of constant changes, so the best way is to feel the flow and never be afraid of evolution.

Embrace friendship

Last, but not least, we want to talk about team’s companionship. At Monday, we make our best efforts to welcome every new member to this second family. The older ones have the principle to help and guide the younger members to a happy and friendly atmosphere.

By working in a healthy work environment, we know that each one of us will be even more eager to deliver outstanding quality performance.

Oh, and there’s always friendly competition to make us do that evil eye stare and evil laugh, like healthy lunch competitions (view it as an example, we don’t do this kind of stuff… really…). Yeah, we know that for some this may be a silly game, but take it as an example of how simple diversions can strengthen a team’s unity. And this kind of games can create a continuous inner competition that will result in better projects. We see it in our team and, further on, we see it in the continuous improving quality of our work.

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