You’ll need these 3 things if you’ve got an idea for a startup

Image from Unsplash

1. Be passionate

92% of startups fail. So it goes without saying, if you want to go ahead with your idea, you’ll need the passion and determination to keep it going. Things will go wrong and times will get rough, but if you’re driven enough, you’re much more likely to overcome the struggles you’ll face along the way.

2. Be open minded

Yes it’s important to have a good idea, but there’s almost 100% chance that your idea will change once you’ve gone through the development process. And change for the better, that is. So be open to things going in a slightly different direction. After all, this way your product is much more likely to hit the mark.

3. Be curious

In the words of Steve Blank, there are no facts inside the building, so get outside. Find out what’s already out there, go and speak to potential users and suss out the competition. Your idea is your domain. So if you’re not already the expert, make yourself one. Go and explore… you’ve got our permission.

Passionate about solving a problem? Come and speak to us.

By Mariel Rubinstein

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