A Builder Update from Corey Gerlach

Progress for The Breaks Coffee Roasting Co. includes installation, promotion and drip at M.B. Haskett

All of the ductwork for the roaster venting and exhaust has arrived! A few extra pieces to fit the metric sizing of the roaster have been fabricated, and we are now in the process of completing the roaster install.

Ductwork for the roaster has arrived.

Over the past month, the fine folks at Black Sheep Coffee in Sioux Falls have been kind enough to allow me to roast some of our coffee on their Probat L12 machine while we are in the process of completing our roaster install.

Roasting at Black Sheep Coffee in Sioux Falls.

At the end of January, we began supplying M. B. Haskett’s in downtown Sioux Falls with all of their drip coffee and espresso. We have received great reviews on the coffee so far and look forward to furthering our relationship with them and their clientele.

M.B. Haskett’s drip and espresso coffee.

In the beginning of February, we launched a Facebook page to help promote The Breaks Coffee Roasting Co. We are very happy to see the amount of traction the page has received since going live.

The Breaks Facebook page is live!

Right now, we are currently on track to have our retail bags of coffee available online and at retail outlets in the beginning of March.

Thank you, Corey! Read more about his work here.

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