An Update from Trailblazer Nick Engbers

Positivity continues to fuel possibility in the quest to grow the Sioux Falls music scene

Potential design work for The Quarry Club, a music venue in downtown Sioux Falls that Nick would like to open someday.

Every conversation I’ve had as an OTA Trailblazer (and I’ve had a bunch of them) has been filled with excitement and hope — about what’s to come, about what could be, and even about the way things are.
It has been a joy to discuss both our successes and shortcomings as a music community. I’ve been encouraged by the progress we’ve made over the past few years and emboldened by the passion I’ve found in many of my fellow Sioux Falls creatives. I’ve been reassured in my desire to open a mid-sized music venue in downtown Sioux Falls, but I’ve also been challenged in putting together a feasible model to do so. 
Much of my work as a Trailblazer these past few months has been in conversation. Moving beyond this initial phase of the process has proven difficult, because even though there is no shortage of enthusiasm for the project, the question remains: How’s this place gonna stay open? I haven’t encountered any doubts about the potential venue’s size, location and necessity, but solidifying a sustainable plan to ensure its long-term success has been tough.
Our most promising ideas involve combining the traditional music venue model with another income generating business. While discussing such pairings, we uncovered a few other needs in our local music scene, including an alternative radio station and practice space. I’ve spent some time researching the possibility of piecing these additional desires together as a way to further fund the venue project and effectively kill two birds with one stone.
While there are unanswered questions about the feasibility of my project, I’ve also done some work fleshing out the potential venue’s concept and brand. I’ve been working on identity with a local designer and have come up with some pretty neat ways to tie the space into local lore. I’ve named it The Quarry Club and have enjoyed dreaming about what this place could be. I plan to continue to lean into the Sioux Falls community for help, ideas and some of that all-important positivity. Great things continue to happen here every day, and I’m certain a music venue like The Quarry Club could be one of them.

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