Github And You, A Crash Course

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If you've read our blogposts on Open Source, then I believe you've been acquainted with Github. Well, whenever we talk about Open Source, we talk about Github. They’re quite synonymous, well of course, Github is a popular service used by open source developers all around the world.

Even if you’re not an Open Source developer, the power to use Git is a powerful thing in itself. The amount of flexibility you acquire in your tasks when you use a version control is a lot.

Those days when you used pen drives to share codes are gone. The world has moved forward when it comes to corporate / organisational software development! That means you need to up your game as well.

This guide by Precisely is to deploy you quickly into Github environment! No if’s or but’s, let’s get you ready for the road!

Prerequisites to start with Github

Before you begin, you need the following,

  1. A user account on .
  2. Git in your system ( Optional: You could always use GUI but CLI looks cooler )
  3. Internet

P.S. I’m using Windows , don’t judge.

Installing Git ( Optional: But well, CLI looks cool )

So, you need to install Git before you begin.


In case you want to use the Debian based OS ( Like Ubuntu’s ) in-built package manager, open up your terminal and type,

sudo apt-get install git

If package manager does not work, and ends up throwing some weird error, you will need to update your list of packages,

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Try again now!

Checking if Git is installed

Open up your terminal and type ‘git’. If you receive a bunch of messages, then you've successfully taken your first step towards open source contribution! If not, try installing Git again.

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Getting Started with Git

Okay, so you have successfully installed Git. Great!

There are three things you’ll basically end up doing with Git,

… continue reading @

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