Our year-end project: Introducing our 12 Shelter Initiative

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2020 has been a year like no other, and while our lives have changed, the world of animal welfare hasn’t stopped its work. We’re not stopping our work either — instead, we’re making up for lost time.

During the last six months, Daisy Foundation has donated pet food, masks, and funds to animal rescues and shelters. And while we did what we could during this time, we know that there is so much more left to do.

That’s why we’re announcing our biggest project yet: this December, Daisy Foundation will visit 12 animal rescue organisations as a part of our biggest fundraising project ever.

We know that year-end can be a difficult time for organisations in the animal welfare sector. As more people abandon their pets at shelters around this time of the year, and shelters try to fundraise for the year ahead, December can be an especially tough month.

We want to ease the burden for 12 shelters this year. Last year, we travelled to KwaZulu-Natal and visited a number of animal rescues with donations for the animals in their care. This year, we have bigger plans than ever. We’ve never visited 12 shelters in one month before — so we know that it is important to raise funds.

We hope to help our 12 beneficiary shelters as much as possible: with donations of pet food, cleaning supplies, and donations for workers. We believe that this year, it is particularly important that we thank shelter workers for their efforts to keep their animals safe and healthy, despite the COVID-19 lockdown and challenging economic circumstances.

Today, our website has been updated with three unique fundraisers to allow us to help as many shelters as possible. Our three main fundraisers are for:

If you’re new to the Daisy Foundation website, here’s a quick overview of how it works: Anybody can contribute their chosen amount to these fundraisers, and can use our the “shelter” dropdown box to allocate their donation(s) to any of the twelve organisations we’re working with. Our NPC will use all donations we receive to provide support to animal welfare organisations, and we’ll make sure that your donation is spent on resources for your chosen organisation (from our list of 12). If you prefer to not allocate your donation to an organisation, we’ll use it where we think it’s most needed. Please select the “do not allocate” option if you would like us to use your contribution where its needed most.

Our 12 beneficiary organisations are:

  • Woodrock Animal Rescue
  • A New Hope Dog Rescue
  • The 9th Day
  • Vaal Pets
  • Maltese, French Poodle & Yorkie Rescue South Africa
  • Gudwulfs Pit Bull Rescue (Gauteng)
  • Pekingese Haven
  • Kitty and Puppy Haven
  • Hartbeespoort Animal Welfare Society (“HAWS”)
  • Pug Rescue South Africa
  • Wollies Animal Project
  • Dogtown South Africa

Beyond this, we have also added new products to our website for general donation to animal welfare organisations. It is now possible to use our website to donate basic cleaning supplies for shelters, and to chip in towards parcels for shelter workers.

We’re excited about this project, but we need you to help us make it happen. Chip in here.

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