This piece was originally published in The Juneau Empire by David Mahaffey, a bishop of Sitka and Alaska with the Orthodox Diocese of Alaska, at

It seems the conversation never ends about the need to protect our environment. Every time we reach a settlement in one area, a new disagreement crops up, bigger and more volatile than the last. We are very nearly at the literal end of the earth and its last refuge of purity and sanctity. And even here, man has discovered yet another resource to exploit, if we let him.

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Any discussion of the environment eventually…

By Demond Mullins, PhD, Former Armor Crewman/ Infantryman

Last week, I came to Washington D.C. to begin another mission to protect our nation and uphold the oath I took when I entered the military years ago. This was a different mission from others. I wasn’t dressed in my military uniform. Instead I was in a suit and tie and ready to meet those who have the power to protect one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been — the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

The people I was representing were the same as those from past missions — Americans. More…

Video by Julia Marshall

“I think veterans — We’ve sacrificed a lot and we’ve put a lot of skin in the game for this country. And we should be in the front lines of helping protect these areas, because so many of these places help heal us. And if it wasn’t for our public lands, I would never have survived the transition home. So let’s get out there as military veterans and protect the lands that are helping save us.”

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For actress Keri Russell, a love of wild spaces goes back to the beginning of her career.

In a video shared exclusively with Refinery29, the star of The Americans relates a personal story about protecting America’s natural beauty.

“I had this binder that I kept my scripts in,” she said, referencing the insane, 18-hour days of her TV career in her early 20s. “On the cover, I had found this photo of Alaska. You know, the big, amazing mountains and water. And that was kind of my…

By Lorraine Netro

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge has deep significance for individuals across the United States, particularly for the Gwich’in nation who have a strong connection to this special place.

Gwich’in like myself call the Arctic Refuge “Iizhik Gwats’an Gwandaii Goodlit,” or “the sacred place where life begins.” We are a caribou people. Since time immemorial, we have relied on the Arctic Refuge and the Porcupine Caribou herd that call this majestic place home and annually use it as a birthing ground. They sustain our spiritual and cultural way of life.

The significance of the Arctic Refuge is…

By Dan Ritzman, Sierra Club on EcoWatch

Reposted with permission from EcoWatch.

“Now is the time, before the oil fields creep one inch closer to this treasured landscape, to raise our voices and protect the this place once and for all.”

Migrations are the heartbeat of life in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Groups of thousands of caribou course across the landscape as they complete the longest migration of any land animal in North America. Arctic terns appear to be avenging angels as they guard their nests on riverside gravel bars; these birds have traveled 12,000 miles from Antarctica to…

“No matter where you live, every corner of every state, you can see birds that come from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.” — David Sibley

By Bernadette Demientieff

In the northernmost part of the U.S. is a place like no other, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge’s Coastal Plain, its biological heart, spans more than 1.5 million acres and is full of wildlife. It is also at the heart of a Native culture that has existed on its lands since time immemorial. The Arctic Refuge is the home of my people, the Gwich’in. We have relied on this irreplaceable land for our existence for as long as we can remember.

Recently, I traveled to Arctic Village, Alaska, to participate in the biannual Gwich’in Gathering…

We Are The Arctic

A growing movement of diverse voices coming together around the unprecedented opportunity to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

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