Welcome to Utopia Movie Night

Apr 23 · 2 min read

Utopia movie night is a club for people who want to connect over films that matter during this time of isolation. Films to help build empathy around important themes and topics as well as films to simply lift your soul. Some are curated by us (Utopia), some are curated by you and most are voted on by everyone. And if we’re lucky, we may have a special guest join us to introduce the film.

How it works

· Join the WhatsApp group HERE, tell us who you are and what your favourite movie of all time is

· Every Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, we all sit down to watch the same film at 8pm BST (we try and choose films that are free to stream on Amazon Prime or Netflix)

· And for those who wish to connect, we host a zoom meeting afterwards (all communicated through WhatsApp)

· And on Friday’s we all join Secret Sofa because there is room for more than one film club and we are massives fans of Secret Cinema

What to expect

So far we have enjoyed some brilliant films which include the following:

And we have already had some fantastic guests like Gemma Arterton and Matthew Rhys with more to be confirmed over the coming weeks.

And as we go along we are building a list of the key movies that help build the empathy that will help us towards reaching Utopia. You can find the list HERE. If you have any suggestions, please tweet us @weareutopians.

And hello to Jason Isaacs

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