5 SuperFoods You Should Eat!

SuperFoods have become much more well-known phenomenon over the last decade. The actual term ‘SuperFood’ is in the dictionary, defined as; A nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being. Well that’s a great thing, so here are a few superfoods that you can eat!


Spinach is an awesome low calorie, but highly nutritious food that a lot of people recommend and we are no different! It is packed with Vitamin A, B, C, D and K, as well as potassium, fibre and protein. All in a few leaves! To have spinach it’s best that you put it in with a salad or as a simple topping to your foods. Recommended!


Beetroot is an interesting one. My Nana eats them all the time with almost every meal for whatever reason… I guess she just really likes beetroot, but I’m glad she does because it has been proven to be very beneficial to older people’s health. It contains nitrates which help widen blood vessels to allow for oxygen to get to places it will be needed. Blood carries oxygen and so if it gets around the body easier, that helps everybody. Try some beetroot, why not?

Some chopped up Beetroot


Now I don’t really like broccoli that much, the taste of it doesn’t do much for me, but there is no denying the health benefits of it. That’s why dinner ladies put it in your school dinners. Put it this way, it contains many important nutrients like folate, vitamins C and A, fibre and calcium, all of which are needed for numerous bodily functions.


Lentils are great. There’s just something about them. I discovered the pulses through having some Heinz soup that had them in. Turns out they’re actually really good for you, and filled with various nutrients that can benefit you. Similarly, to spinach, lentils have high amounts of fibre and protein but in a small form factor. They are low in calories and have virtually no fat! So, add them to your soup that’s what I say!

Dried Lentils


Here’s a few facts about Blueberries. It has been proven to maintain healthy bones because of the calcium and vitamin K in them. Contributes to healthy digestion because of the fibre content. It can help lower blood pressure through its low sodium intake and potassium. It even has proven to help in the prevention of cancer, because it has powerful antioxidants in the form of vitamin A and C, which helps protect cells from damage! So yeah, eat some blueberries!

To conclude, all 5 of these foods deserve the title of ‘SuperFoods,’ so don’t hesitate in trying a few and adding them to your diet, you can’t go wrong if you like them! A similar trend between these foods is the low-calorie intake but high nutritional value, which is great for anybody. Any other Superfoods that you know of? Leave a comment!

Jack — BYP