5 Useful Health and Fitness Apps!

Fitness Apps are a unique and useful way to track, keep on top of and motivate people to stay fit and healthy. There are many fitness apps out there, some are free, some cost money, but they are all great ways to keep 5, so here’s five of em’ you can use!

S-Health/ Apple Health Apps

These two come pre-installed with your Samsung and iPhone smartphones. With S-Health, you can track your steps, resting and working heartrate (With the installed heartrate monitor on the back of the phone), your runs, stress levels and even the Sp02 levels! All from your phone. For free. Apple Health on the other hand, tracks activities, mindfulness, sleep and nutrition. Again, for free. These two apps are a great way to start to track all things health, as long as you have an iPhone or a Samsung phone, which a lot of people do!

My personal S Health

7 Minute Workout Challenge (7MWC)

Available on all Android and Apple phones is the 7 Minute Workout Challenge app. A simple but effective app. The app features 12 exercises, and asks you to perform them for 30 seconds with a 10 second rest. A smart interface combined with a research backed routine, results in a 7-minute workout being the equivalent of an hour workout. Awesome. Some of the exercise include ‘Squats,’ ‘lunges’ and ‘jumping jacks.’ A description of the app on the Play Store page — ‘The exercises are simple to perform, do not require any equipment, and therefore, can be done anywhere! NO MORE EXCUSES’ So yeah, for a small price of £2.50, are there any real excuses for not investing in the app?

The App itself

Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio is a unique one on this list. It increases your health and fitness in other ways than all the other apps. It, you guessed it, gives you ready made Yoga classes through a HD video on the app. It gives you 65 ready-made yoga classes that are easy to follow. Other apps on this list mainly focus on cardio, however yoga is more about increasing flexibility, muscle strength and muscle tone. For a small price of £3.20 on the Google Play Store and £3 on the App Store and 5 stars on both, Yoga Studio can be the solution for you!

Yoga Studio logo

Nike+ Training Club

Back to free apps, the Nike+ Training Club app is at a 4.4 rating on the play store with 5–10 million installs. Not bad. The app intends to provide personalized workouts and training to keep you motivated and give you guidance to get fitter. The app builds a plan for you depending on your specific needs, awesome. It even gives you workouts from Serena Williams, Alex Morgan, Rory McIlroy and Ellie Goulding, who are all role models for a lot of people. It can tailor to every level of fitness, and readily available for all to use!

A few screenshots from the app

Couch to 5K

The final app on this list is the Couch to 5k app. Not to be confused with the NHS Couch to 5K, which is a running plan for beginners containing 9 podcasts (Which is great by the way!). The Couch to 5k app is useful in the sense that you have your own personal trainer on the app (Sergeant Block is quite scary though!), walking and jogging intervals and the ability to share how far you ran with friends. For £1.50, you will have the guidance you need to improve yourself.

Have a look at these apps, they could be your way of increasing your health and fitness easily! Any other apps that you use and would recommend, leave a comment!