Bill Gates Microsoft Mastermind!

Bill Gates is one of the most successful humans alive. He is the mastermind behind Microsoft, the multi-billion-dollar company that provides everybody (other than Mac and Linux users) with essential software for their computers. He was the main man that started it all back in 1975, and without him, who knows what technology would look like today? But you know all about Microsoft, so that’s not what this piece is going to be about. Instead, this is going to be about what he has done outside of Microsoft, including his charity work and using his image to spread a positive message throughout the world.

Bill himself

With Microsoft

Like I said, you know all about Microsoft and the services it offers. The Windows operating system, Microsoft Office e.t.c. Anyway, Bill stepped down as the CEO of Microsoft in the year 2000, to alternatively concentrate on software strategy. In the 25 years that he spent as CEO, he became the richest man alive and managed to make Microsoft into the most powerful company in the world. Not bad. In 2014, he left Microsoft all together and passed on his duties to Sayta Nadella. Amazing legacy, which Satya Nadella with have a tough time matching.

Credit: Pixabay

Outside of Microsoft

So, what has Bill Gates done outside of building Microsoft? Philanthropy. What’s ‘Philanthropy’ you say? Well a dictionary definition is, ‘The desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.’ This is one thing that Gates is famous for. Imagine building a huge corporation after years of hard work, then selling some of the stock of that company to fund a charity foundation. That’s exactly what Bill Gates did, forming the ‘William H Gates foundation’ in 1994, which would later be combined with 2 other family foundations to form the ‘Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,’ one of if not THE most charitable organization of all time.

About the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

What’s it about then? Well the foundation focuses on 4 different divisions. The ‘Global Health Division’ which focuses on delivering vaccines to prevent diseases in developing countries. ‘Global Development Division’ which focusses on providing basic provisions like food and water to people that can’t get these necessities. The ‘U.S Program,’ which tries to ensure the development of young people post-secondary school. Finally, the fourth, ‘Global Policy and Advocacy.’ So yes, it focuses on a whole lot and tries to solve a lot of the modern world’s problems.

Credit: Pixabay

Bill Gates is a very inspiring individual. He is to me and a lot of people around the world. Me being a bit of a geek when it comes to computers, it’s really cool to see people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and other clever people when it comes to software, be well recognised and respected. It’s amazing to think that I probably wouldn’t be interested in computers if it wasn’t for Bill Gates. Furthermore, for him to use his success to try and improve the life of other people through his philanthropy and charity foundation, is an amazing thing to be doing! One thing that I could only wish to do. You don’t see many footballers doing that! What an inspiration!

Jack — BYP