First impressions in job interviews!

First impressions can be the difference between getting employed or not getting employed. So obviously, they are vitally important! A factor that ties right in to having a good first impression is your appearance. One thing you need to make sure that you do is make sure you wear clean, appropriate clothing, as well as a whole host of other things that we will discuss in this article! Here are tips for both men and women for making sure that first impression is a good one!


>Get rid of that horrible ‘beard’

Starting off the list for the men, a scruffy scraggly beard doesn’t look too great and is instantly noticeable. It’s OK to keep it trimmed and smart, but if not, you shouldn’t have one at all! Looking after your facial hair shows that you care for your appearance and can look a lot more professional.

>Polished/Clean Shoes

How presentable you are plays a big factor in first impressions, and if your leather black shoes were full of mud, you’ll be a lot less presentable! They certainly don’t have the same effect as polished black leather shoes, which show that you again care about your appearance and the way you come across!

Picture credit — Pixabay

>Ironed Clothes!

This is quite an obvious one, if all your clothes are creased, the first impression of you is going to be, ‘He could’ve ironed his clothes!’ which wouldn’t be a great start at all!

>Avoid wearing ties that are a bit ‘Out there’

You want the interviewers focus to be on what you are saying, not the 101 Dalmatians on your tie. A black tie goes well with most suits and is a safe option.

Picture Credit — Pixabay

>Don’t wear a dodgy suit!

If you turned up to a job interview wearing a pink suit, you’re going to get a few funny looks. Simple as. Wear black, navy or grey.


>Don’t wear jewellery that is too extravagant

Like men wearing a wacky tie, you want the attention to be on what you are saying, not on some earrings that are bigger than your hands.

>Revealing clothing is a no-no

You want to come across as professional, and arriving to a job interview wearing clothing that is too revealing is a step in the opposite direction. Just something to bear in mind.

>Don’t wear extravagant clothing

Again, don’t turn up in a pink outfit. Wear professional and not too extravagant clothing that’s silly.

>Sensible height for heels

Two inches should be enough if you wear heels at all. It isn’t prom or a wedding, just be sensible about it. You can still be smart and not wear heels by the way.

>Don’t wear skirts that are too short

This links in with not wearing clothing that is too revealing. You are there to get a job, you’re not on a night out!

To summarise, the first impression that you give is very important. Anyone you meet will have an initial first impression of you, good or bad which will stick with them for a long time. Therefore, giving the best possible first impression in a job interview is very important for ensuring that you are more successful in the interview! Take the advice!

Jack — BYP