Kris Burrill from Apprentice to Business Owner

As a part of the OnSuccessTV project , Jim Clarke, founder of YP Potential, interviewed Kris Burrill the owner of Gekko. Here’s what Jim found out!

Gekko is a technology company which provides I.T infrastructure support and help with technology for businesses. They have the aim of making technology simple for businesses.

As the co-founder of Gekko, day to day Kris often deals with new business opportunities, manages developing relationships with clients such as Cisco and works on marketing and communications strategies of Gekko to ensure the sales and technical teams have opportunities coming through to them.

Kris’ first ever job was as a paper boy. His first job after leaving school was as a Sales Apprentice for a builders’ merchant. Earning while learning was something which enticed Kris, which is why he went for an apprenticeship.

After Kris’ apprenticeship, he knew that he wanted to get into I.T, so got a job in sales support, which involved admin work for the sales team. He moved companies a few times until a former colleague contacted him about starting a new business in Manchester. Then Gekko was born!

Kris admitted to being motivated by money when he was younger, “I’ve always been money driven especially in my early twenties,” but as he got older, seeing the business he has created become a success and a great place to work is something which now motivates him a lot more than money.

Success to Kris is being financially comfortable and also having a successful business which provides a good place to work for many people and is ever growing and getting stronger.

When asked about 3 pieces of advice he would have for young people trying to shine in the workplace, Kris mentioned how having respect, being organised and being motivated are three key elements to being a success. “You’re only going to be successful if you are determined.” The message here is that if you digest as much information as possible from your peers (who may be more knowledgeable in an area than you are) and respect their opinions, you are more likely going to shine once you improve your performance in the workplace.

Kris is a prime example of an apprentice success story, going from an Apprenticeship in Sales, all the way to the owner of his own business. His journey highlights that you don’t have to go to University to be successful, and that an Apprenticeship can lead to career success!

Hopefully you enjoyed the read! The video interview is below:

Jack- BYP