Lily Newman’s advice for young people!

The BYP team recently got into contact with Lily Newman, the owner of Morgan James Consulting to ask for her advice for young people looking for a job, how to stand out in the workplace, advice for dealing with challenges and finally advice for a young person starting their own business. Here is what we learned from the phone interview:

The primary aim of Morgan James Consulting is to help business leaders and other individuals to inspire change in a business for different visions of success.

Lily has started two businesses in her time, so it only seemed fitting to ask for her advice on starting a business. Her first piece of advice was for you to have self-belief that you can be successful. Lily mentioned Henry Ford who said “If you believe you can or believe you can’t you will be right.” Another piece of advice from Lily was to do what you want to do, not what is expected of you. Her example of this was hearing a lot about people being in a particular field of work, such as accounting, just because it runs in the family. Another piece of advice was to surround yourself with more knowledgeable people to learn from them and to not be afraid to ask role models for help and guidance. Try many different things and don’t be afraid to fail.

Lily Herself!

When asked about who inspires her, Lily looked up to her school teacher, Mrs Nut, who was inspirational to her as she taught her that life is like crafting a story. Her brother also inspired her, who changed career 2 times, which taught her that she didn’t have to stick to running her horse riding school for 40 years and also that it is never too late to return to education.

Lily’s advice for dealing with challenges was to just be honest and be true to yourself. Whatever the challenge, don’t go back on what you stand for and stick to your morals. She also mentioned that you will mess up, and be prepared to be honest about messing up.

With regards to a young person looking for a job, Lily said to choose your passion and try to do what you love. It’s important to think about what’s going to get you out of bed in the morning. This is important as it is something you might be doing for the next 40 years of your life. Fidning the right opportunity can be difficult, but take opportunities as they come and use jobs as a learning experience. She said to also be aware of your social media feed and don’t post stuff that you wouldn’t want everyone to see, as potential employers may view your profile in the run up to an interview. Lily also mentioned that first impressions are very important, “Make sure that you are well dressed and you have done research on the company you will have an interview for.” A cool piece of advice that really stood out to the team, was to send CV’s to companies that you want to work for that might not even be advertising, as your CV might be the perfect fit for them. This just goes to show that you are not limited to just applying for jobs which are advertised, just get your CV out there!

For advice for someone wanting to stand out in the workplace, Lily suggested bringing positive energy into the room and be enthusiastic about what you are doing. Lily believes in “Employing for attitudes, training for skills”, really listen and ask open questions about the business just to show an interest in what you are doing.

A BIG thank you to Lily for letting us speak to her, and hopefully the advice she gave can be beneficial to you all reading this!

Jack — BYP


Originally published at on September 13, 2016.