Markiplier — One of YouTube’s nicest guys

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Mark Fischbach, or better known as Markiplier, is one of the largest YouTubers at this moment in time, having a total of 15 million subscribers, making him also one of the most successful out there.

Mark himself is from Oahu in Hawaii but currently is based in LA. He mainly creates videos on random games ranging from Triple-A games to small indie games that aren’t well known. Some of his content also centers around creating skits and he is a member of Revel Mode with others such as Jacksepticeye and Pewdiepie. He has also collaborated with others such as Game Grumps and has appeared in a song by Starbomb called “Smash”. He also announced in a livestream that he has been diagnosed with ADHD.

Mark in the animated music video “Smash”

Mark is inspiring to anyone who watches him due to the amount of money he has raised for charity. Last year he raised $75,000 for Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance and in total he has raised over 1.1 million dollars through various live-streaming and other fundraising events.

Markiplier would often collab with the group known as Cyndago, but due to saddening events, the group disbanded due to one of the members, Daniel, attempted suicide and passed away shortly after he was taken to hospital. This prompted Mark to take a short break from YouTube so that he could recover. After his hiatus, he did a livestream in his honour. The break lasted 20 days and before that he had never missed a day of recording since he started in 2012.

Mark is known as well for creating vlogs which directly address his fanbase, these cover topics such as events in his personal life, YouTube milestones and motivational and inspirational videos telling his audience to believe in themselves and that people just need to be happy.

Mark during his 10 million sub video.

If you haven’t already, I would check out this incredibly inspiring man. I love Mark, and I hope he continues to keep up his effect he has had on so many people.



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