Staying Happy in difficult times

We all know that school, college, university or your job can be stressful. In fact, society has told us that this is the case, and whenever you are faced with any problems or challenges, it leads to you being unhappy. Well I’m going to talk about just that, why you might be unhappy and ways of tackling that when in a tough situation.

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Why is it that you might be unhappy when it comes to things like education and work? First of all, it can be hard. It’s a fact that work isn’t easy, but then again life isn’t easy. People can become unhappy with things when in work because they aren’t easy things to be doing and it might not come naturally to them.

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Think of the end result!

One bit of advice I can give when you are unhappy because of a tough situation is to think of the end result. It can be very fulfilling when you overcome a problem, so think about the overall outcome of the struggle. Just for an example, revising for an exam for weeks on end and then finally taking the exam and passing it. This happened with me personally. I stressed about my driving theory test because I basically didn’t know a lot about road signs and it was all new to me. Instead of being unhappy, I thought about how the struggle can lead to me getting the certificate. Which is exactly what happened! First time pass!

Take a Break

Nothing is wrong with taking a break. If you aren’t happy with something, just simply leave it for the time being and go back to it another time. This can be useful as you can gather your thoughts and get refreshed. Don’t let any workload get to a point where it will upset you, just leave it and go back to it if it’s an issue. It’s understandable because everybody can be a bit overwhelmed with tasks, so there is nothing wrong with just taking a break!

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Ask for help

Ask for help. Nothing is wrong with asking for help from people. It isn’t going to damage your pride. If anything, asking a question to someone who knows what they are doing is only going to make you more knowledgeable in that area. Struggling with a Maths problem? Just ask your Maths teacher or relative that’s really good at maths. Ask them how they work it out and then you’ll learn from them in the process! No point stressing and being upset when you have a mathematician nearby!

Don’t leave things to the last minute

Don’t leave things to the last minute. You want to the know the easiest way to get stressed out and unhappy with what you’re doing? Leave everything to the last minute! Any assignments, homework or tasks that you have a specific date to complete by, don’t leave it till the day before to start working on them. Do bits and pieces here and there and gradually increase the amount of work you do rather than doing all the work in one go!

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There is my advice for being happy when faced with a few challenges. You can apply it to more than just education or your job. Thinking of the end result when running to try and get fit is not only a good motivator but a way of making you happy to be doing it. Hopefully you enjoyed the read and the advice will help you if you become unhappy when working hard. Nothing comes easy, hard work is necessary.

Jack — BYP