Victoria Wood — An inspiring story for all funny women out there!

Victoria Wood

You might not be old enough to know who Victoria Wood was, but if you are you’ll know what an inspiring role model she was for females wanting to get into comedy and also changing the face of females in comedy!

Victoria Wood (CBE) born in Prestwich, Manchester, rose to fame in the 1980s after her success on the talent show New Faces, at the time Victoria was still at University. Victoria was best known for her BBC sketch Acorn Antiques and the hit comedy Dinnerladies, which also starred her best friend Julie Walters.

Victoria Wood was an inspiration for all female comedians who wanted to get into the industry as she was seen as a pioneer for women in comedy. Female comedians paid their respects for Victoria on social media when the news broke of her passing. Jenny Eclair tweeted: “All of us women in comedy owe a huge debt of gratitude to Victoria — she paved the way.” To be a woman in comedy is hard enough, but Victoria Wood’s work influenced a lot of women to try their hand at comedy.

Victoria went on to win 5 BAFTAs, including two for her one off ITV drama Housewife. Victoria’s talents didn’t just stop at comedy, she was a writer, singer and even an actor. She was one of the most gifted talents in the entertainment industry — there was nothing that stopped her doing what she loved. One moment you could be crying at her work and then the next you will be laughing this was how good her work actually is.

Victoria won an amazing 5 BAFTAs!

Not only did Victoria Wood do all this but she was a record breaker as well. Victoria used her singing talents in her comedy too, this won her two British Comedy Awards in 1990 and 2001. Not only did Victoria win awards, she performed a record breaking 15 nights at the Albert Hall in 1993.

Early on Victoria suffered set backs, but her determined attitude meant she didn’t give up. Victoria worked hard before her big break and worked even harder after she was discovered on New Faces. Victoria didn’t just stop there she did a lot of charity work and visited Ethiopia in 1990 and Zimbabwe in 1998.

Victoria also made documentaries including one on the British Empire called Victoria’s empire and one about the diet industry called Victoria Wood’s Big Fat Documentary. It’s no surprise that Victoria was awarded with an OBE in 1997 and a CBE in 2008.

If you have a dream even if it’s big or small, or like Victoria it was to make people laugh, follow it because you might end up being the next Victoria Wood breaking records and going down as a legend in entertainment history.

Written by Nicole