What is The Yogscast?

YouTube over the years has quickly become a platform that millions of people visit daily to laugh, discover and be inspired by the various videos on the site. It has created many internet celebrities out of online videos, many of which are household names watched by hundreds, thousands and even millions of people. I watch it regularly, you probably watch it regularly, everybody has experienced it. There are many different fields in the YouTube scene that people can watch; Tech channels, Vlogging channels, Music, you name it, YouTube’s got it. One of the biggest sections of the YouTube website is the Gaming section and one of the leading channels in the YouTube gaming revolution is ‘The Yogscast.’ Here’s what they are about:

The logo (Owned by The Yogscast)

The Yogscast is a network of several different channels on the YouTube website. There are over 20 channels currently, which combined have over 20 million subscribers. The channels that have received the most attention over the years are, ‘Yogscast Lewis and Simon,’ (The main channel which has 3 and a half BILLION views!) ‘Yogscast Duncan,’ ‘Yogscast Sjin,’ ‘Yogscast Sips,’ (My personal favourite) and ‘Yogscast Hannah.’ They all play many games, most notably Minecraft, Garry’s Mod and Grand Theft Auto, providing their audiences with endless entertainment, laughter and memorable moments over the past 9 years.

Initially, Lewis (Xephos) and Simon (Honeydew), the founders of the internet sensation, were in a World of Warcraft guild called ‘Ye Olde Goone Squade,’ YOGS for short. In 2008, they created their gaming channel which garnered a lot of attention and provided a solid foundation to what they are now. Other members of the guild jumped on the YouTube bandwagon, including Duncan (LividCoffee), Hannah (Lomadia), Sips and Sjin. This formed the Yogscast Network which has since been changed to the Yogscast Family! One W.O.W guild creating must see content for millions of people across the world.

The family. Credit Yogcast Wikia.

In 2011, the Yogscast became a registered company, and today provides jobs for talented musicians, video editors, animators, artists and writers, as well as the content producers themselves of course, proving that they are more than just a gaming YouTube channel.

Adding to the whole, ‘more than just a YouTube channel,’ The Yogscast have used their internet fame for charity work. The Christmas Livestreams are massive events for all the Yogscast team and fans. These started in 2011, where the team raised money for Oxfam to ‘Send locally-sourced and vaccinated goats to families living in poverty.’ £63,780 was raised overall, a phenomenal achievement! Since then, the Christmas livestreams have continued annually every year, with the team partnering up with other YouTubers like TotalBiscuit, CaptainSparklez, Tobuscus and more. Over the years, the team have raised over £2 million for various charities such as Oxfam, Cancer Research UK, Mental Health Foundation and more. Amazing, massive props to Lewis and the team. An inspiring number.

The 2014 Christmas Live streams!

My personal experience with the Yogcast dates back to 2011. I loved watching their content and did daily. Notable series that I loved watching were the Minecraft Tekkit Jaffa Factory series, which all members of the team were involved in. It was entertaining and quite insightful, the whole learning how to play the game aspect was present too. It also featured in some of the Christmas live streams, raising money for charities. Awesome. Sips’ Elder Scrolls: Skyrim series was also a series that I loved to watch. 80 episodes straight! And these weren’t short episodes, these were 20 minutes to an hour! They were so funny, combining intense gameplay with comedic role play, which kept me hooked for hours! Nowadays I watch the occasional video when I have the time, and I can appreciate them a lot more than I did back then because I can see how far they have come and there whole inspiring journey.

Overall, The Yogscast have used gaming as an incentive for good. They have fun with friends, raise money for charity, provide entertainment for millions and enjoy life. Not bad at all. It’s inspiring to think that they have gone from a World of Warcraft Guild, to a global sensation with over 5 billion combined views throughout their network. Good going Yogscast!

Jack — BYP