We Bet Crypto Devs October Update

It has now been two weeks since the last update from the developers side and a lot of things have happened since then.


- Angel investor

- Games that will be released in the near future

- Marketing campaign

- Deployment of new contract, its benefits and long term goals.

- Conclusion

First of all, the We Bet Crypto team has found an angel investor who has invested EUR 100.000,- for this project to keep moving forward. We have moved into brand new offices, kept working hard on our development of the casino, and can gladly announce today, that we will be going live and releasing our casino on the 30th November 2017.

In this release we will be looking at our daily and weekly raffle, our monthly lottery which is based on the same rules as the famous PowerBall lottery which takes place nationwide in the U.S, as well as our very own Black Jack tables.

Our daily and weekly raffle will be based on the same rules as most raffles, you will be able to purchase as many tickets as you please, at varying prices for different amounts of tickets, and at the end of each day/week, through our TRNG(True Random Number Generator) there will be pulled a random ticket and declared a winner.

There will always be a winning ticket for the raffle, and for every raffle 95% of all the the money spent on purchasing tickets will be given to the winner of the raffle itself. The remaining 5% will be redirected to the casino`s bank, which in turn is used to pay out the 70% dividends at the end of each month.

Our lottery, as mentioned above, is based on the same set and rules of the famous PowerBall lottery which takes place in the U.S. The main difference here, is that the potential winners of our lottery will be completely anonymous, free from having to pay taxes to any authorities no matter where in the world they are based, and can therefore feel much safer about overseeing their newly acquired fortune.

The lottery will have a winner only when someone has gotten all the numbers correct, we will of course have smaller winnings with less correct numbers, but as time goes by, we expect the lottery to be building up its jackpot for one lucky winner to take away!

Soon, we will be conducting a poll soon where we will let our fans and investors vote on what the name of our lottery should be, there will also be an open thread created where people can come with their own suggestions for names which will be included in the poll.

Simultaneously, we are also getting closer to finishing our very own slot machines, and believe we will be able to release 2–3 slot machines in the next month. Slot machines are known to be the biggest revenue generators for casinos all over the world, hence we expect a great ROI once they are released.

Generally, we see the next three months as one of the most interesting times in the We Bet Crypto`s history, as we will be going live with many parts of our casino.

Now, for our casino to get going, we have come up with some criteria which need to be reached to secure our success.

1) Reach a critical mass of users to ensure an active casino.

2) Create a good community.

3) Create a marketing campaign that is targeted at reaching the above points within a reasonable timeframe.

Black Jack — We Bet Crypto

The marketing campaign that we have come up with is quite similar to the one Elon Musk used to ensure PayPal`s success in its early days. Back in 1995, PayPal spent $ 65 million in a campaign where any new customer who signed up to their system received $ 20 for free. Interestingly enough, this netted PayPal 100k new customers in just under two weeks!

By doing this, PayPal brought in a horde of new customers in an era where the internet was still in its infancy, which is quite an accomplishment if you ask us! This allowed PayPal to get a cashflow going, and also made them reach a critical mass of new customers, which in turn, let the snowball effect start taking place.

So, in accordance to Mr. Musk`s early marketing ideals, we have decided to go ahead and do the same. Elon Musk did this in a time where people still did not know much about the internet and it was still quite a new and vague idea, much like the market we currently find ourselves in with blockchain and cryptos.

Hence, we will at the beginning of next month be launching a campaign where every new customer automatically receives 20 free WBC tokens upon registration to our website. The only pre-requisite we have to receive these free tokens is that the new customer has a minimum of 0.1 ETH in their account balance.

We will be setting aside 10 million WBC tokens for this campaign, and believe that we will be netting somewhere between 300k — 500k new users through the entirety of this campaign.

The ICO is officially over, and with the recent upgrade to the Ethereum network, we have as a team unanimously decided to move forward and upgrade our contract.

This is done to deal with gas costs and make it more efficient, but we will also be increasing our hard-cap to 40 million tokens to be able to move forward with the new marketing campaign.

Also, we have some good news for all who participated in our ICO. Every single registered address that participated in our ICO will as a gesture of good will, be receiving 50.000 brand new WBC tokens from our new contract. We believe that to run and operate a successful business, we need to take good care of our investors and future customers, this is alpha and omega to us.

In conclusion, before the new year sets in we will have released Black Jack, Raffle, Lottery, slot machines and single player poker tables. We will be running an effective marketing campaign starting in November, and expect to reach a critical mass of users before Christmas is here.

In the new year, we will be releasing multi-player poker tables and tournaments, as well as classical table top games where players can bet against each other, such as Monopoly, Risk, Othello and Backgammon. Any other games which our users might want to see can be suggested to us on our Facebook page, or by joining our slack channel where we are active and reaching out to our community.

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