Simple method of achieving all BIG goals.

How many times you have decided to achieve your goals but failed? Here is a simple way to ensure you achieve all your goals.

How many times you have decided to stop eating junk food? How many times you have decided to stop smoking?

Or how about new year resolution of getting into shape? It happens every year.

How about your decision of starting a business? Or writing a book?

You decide to so things that are ambitious, and there’s nothing wrong about it.

Most people do decide to achieve their goals but fail. They do fail not because of they put very little efforts, but because they put all the efforts at the very beginning.

Before few years one of my friends told me that he wants to be in shape. He had tried the same many times but without success.
On very next day I was surprised to see him in the gym.
He was all around. Starting with treadmill, he ran more than 2 miles.
During next 30 minutes, he went after all weight lifting machines, with more than moderate weight.
At the end he concluded his session with 20 minutes of cycling.
It amazed me to see someone working out like that on the very first day.
On the next day, when I reached at gym, he was already there continuing with same routine.
Same story continued for 4 days. On 5th day I didn’t find him at gym. I thought he may have taken a day off.
But No, he didn’t come even on 5th, 6th or 7th day…
I called him to know if everything was ok. He informed me that he got heavy swelling on his arms and legs. He was unable to move. He assured me that he will be back at gym in few days.
I have not seen at gym ever after that.

Well, this is what happens with all of us when we decide to chase our goals.

You put all our efforts from very first day.

To get fit, on the very first day you change our complete diet, yoi change our sleeping routine, yoi exercise more than our body can adjust.

When you want to start a business, you want it to be a successful from very first day. You don’t want to start small or to experiment with ideas at small scale or to fail.

When you want to write, you wish about writing a bestsellers. You don’t want to start small by writing blogs that probably no one will ever read.

Start Small

Here a key to success. Start small. Let your body and mind get adjusted with change.

Learning and change are gradual processes.

You learn things over a period of time. Experience you get trying ideas at small scale makes you mature to implement big ideas.

Your body too changes gradually. You can gradually increase your workout.

When to make it BIG

At your own pace.

You can decide at what pace you want to go from 0 to 100.

You may take few days, few months or few years. But more importantly, you need to remember that you are on a right path when you are going from 0 to 100.

Starting at 0 and reaching 100 is better than starting at 60 and reaching no where.

Call to Action

Whatever your goal is, make a small start today at 0. Make a daily progress and don’t stop untill you reach 100.

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