Attending events and building community, year after year

Something that Tim Butler from Empire Brewing said in the episode really resonated with me.

He said (about TAP into the MOST), “what I really like coming back year after year is seeing how the MOST has really grown; our hard work and our dedication, the time that we spend here, truly does pay off”.

We literally receive dozens and dozens of requests to do events and to donate product each year. I wish we could do each and every one of them. I really do. I want to do every single event because I realize that that event is really the only one that particular individual, or committee, or board truly cares about. It’s their big fundraiser of the year, or their largest raffle, or a big part of their operating budget for the year.

If we had the resources, we would do every event and donate product to every cause. That’s just who we are. But, the reality of the situation is that we don’t have unlimited resources so we are left to “pick and choose” which events we attend and which causes to donate to. I can’t stand that we have to do this.

And, to be honest, leading up to many of these events, it’s tough to get fired up for every single one. They are a ton of work, it requires time away from my family (98 times out of 100 it’s Shioban or I pouring), and they usually involve late nights.

But, the same thing happens at each one of these events. We get there, get set up, and put on our game face. We put on our game face because we realize that there is a 98% chance that the next person that walks up to our table has never heard of our brand, never heard of Disco Lemonade, and is truly interested in hearing our story.

We talk to hundreds of people at every event and we always walk away excited, reenergized, and thrilled that we made the commitment to support the various causes.

So, when Tim says that it’s great to come back to an event year after year (in this case, TAP into the MOST), he’s right. It’s humbling that #1: we continue to be asked to attend these events, many times year after year, and #2: the organizers of these events see US as the attraction to sell tickets to assist in fundraising for their cause.

The work that goes into these events is enormous, from planning to marketing to implementation. If you’ve ever served on a committee, you know what I’m talking about. And TAP is a great example to illustrate Tim’s point. It does make a difference to a vendor when we can walk in and see real world results that we have assisted with.

We will continue to do as many events that our small team can handle. The Fireman’s auxiliary, the Lion’s Club, The Buy Local Bash and everything in between.

it’s about community, it’s about building each other up, and it’s the right thing to do.

Thanks so much to Lauren Kochian from the Museum of Science & Technology — MOST, Katie Reed and Tim Butler from Empire Brewing Company for “hosting” this episode.

I hope you enjoy “A Thorn Between Two Roses; A week in the Life, Episode 27”.



Tap into the MOST is April 8th, 2017

Tickets are available at or by calling Lauren at 315–425–9068 or