Wednesday Wishlist #4 | The Jaunts we wish we were going on…


Now that we’re mid-way through February, if you’re anything like us then you’re probably in need of a little change of scene. The big city is getting a bit claustrophobic and these relentless crowds are starting to put the pinch on your enthusiasm for activity.

So with a refreshing change on the agenda, we turn to this week’s Wishlist Jaunt to deliver just that. Let’s swap the concrete jungle for a leafier kind of forest…

Capers under a canopy


A secluded log cabin set in the heart of an ancient forest is our destination. Built from the same dark trees that now threaten to swallow it whole, it’s warm and cosy, with wooden interiors and hanging furs that give it an understated magnificence and echo its impressive arboreal backdrop.

A log burner generates a plume of smoke that rises from a tall chimney up into the dark canopy; the only suggestion of your presence to an outsider.

Image Credit: Jonas Nilsson Lee

Spit roasted chickens are brought to the Jaunt Crew, fresh from the fire outside. Alongside warm flat breads and locally sourced roast veg, the chooks are greedily torn up by hungry fingers. Carafes of wine fuel the mood whilst smooth jazz music purrs over the sound system.

You take a deep breath, and succumb to relaxation…

With only the trees to disturb, the night can continue for as along as you fancy…

…though the wood burning fire, and starlit hot tub might have something to say if you call it quits too early!

If Friday night was relaxing then Saturday morning is sure to get your blood pumping. A fleet of quad bikes awaits you and your Jaunt Crew. The Forest is at your mercy… and you’ll need all of their off-road capability when it comes to tackling this terrain.

Adrenalin hit achieved, Saturday started with a bang!

From adrenaline hit to the more serene. You return the bikes and take a short walk to the riverside where a couple of canoes are pulled up along the bank. After the noise of the morning, the gentle splash of the water as you paddle your way upstream is soothing. Or at least it would be if the boasts and laughter of your Jaunt Crew weren’t ringing out across the water!

Image Credit: Michael Quinn

The pub where late lunch is served does a fine and well-deserved beer. Cheers to a morning well spent!

Lunch is long and entertaining — after all, you’re with a top quality group

There’s probably just enough light left in the day to meander your way back by canoe to your cabin. We can’t promise that everyone will make it back dry… but what we can promise, is that the sight of the falling winter sun over the river, and the log burner back inside, will be enough to warm even the coldest of bodies!

Image Credit: Fire, Jacqui Newton, CC 2.0

As the darkness once again engulfs your cosy cabin there is time for everyone to unwind in the hot tub and freshen up before drinks and dinner are served. What’s on the menu?

Tonight it’s a veritable feast; wild foraged mushroom risotto to kick it off, followed by tender lamb chops, forest greens, and an orange and chocolate yoghurt cake. All washed down with plenty of wine. Locally sourced and delicious… superb!

Waking up to the sound of birds — When did that last happen?!
Image Credit: Andre Freitas, CC 2.0

A late Sunday morning spent immersed in the sights and sounds of the forest is as about as refreshing and reinvigorating an experience as there is. It doesn’t get any more peaceful.

After the exertions of yesterday, today you might prefer to lap up the dappled sunshine with a freshly roasted coffee out on the veranda of the cabin. Relax and recharge.

Or alternatively you might prefer to have one last attempt at earning the respect of your fellow Jaunters with some axe throwing and archery. Give it all you’ve got… we won’t judge.

Image credit:, CC 2.0

Whatever your choice, let’s finish it all up with a final picnic spread beneath the trees before you make the trip back home.

No doubt you’ll be starting the week to come with a renewed vigour, smug with the knowledge that you just grabbed your weekend by the horns.

See you later forest, hello new week. I’m ready.
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