Announcing WeNano Light For Android

Apr 27 · 2 min read
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Hi! We are happy to let you know that WeNano Light for Android is now up on the Google Play Store. As the name implies, this is a lighter version of the WeNano app for iOS that was released a couple of months ago. The sole focus of this version has been to allow people to get payouts from Spots. The other additional feature is that the map also displays Shops. There are a couple of reasons why we have decided to release a lighter version for Android.

  1. Time. We really wanted to get all those Spots placed all over the world accessible to a lot more people as soon as possible. Waiting for a full version of WeNano would take several months, so we figured out releasing a light version to begin with was the best option at the moment.
  2. Availability. WeNano Light should be able to run on most Android phones, including those with small screens, old versions of Android OS, or slow hardware. One of the goals with WeNano is trying to build Nano adoption and awareness in developing countries, where many people don’t have access to bank services etc. Having a version of WeNano that “everyone” can run and use is hopefully a way to make that a little bit easier.

We know Android users also want to set up new spots, QuickTip their friends, and use the wallet to send and receive Nano with, and we are slowly getting there. Even though WeNano Light is a basic version, the foundation to build upon is there now, and we will continue developing a complete WeNano version for Android, that can live side by side with WeNano Light.

Give WeNano Light a go and let us know if you experience any bugs. Our Discord server is probably the easiest way for giving us feedback.

I’ll also use this opportunity to say how amazed we are of all the Spots people have added all over the globe, thank you!

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