7 Trends Every Recruiter Should Know in 2017

Happy New Year, friends! You made it to another year and 2017 is now upon us. By now you’ve had plenty of time to build your 2017 recruiting resolutions and quite possibly even started with your healthy life changes as well. However, while the New Year is a time to look forward, we’re going to look back…but not far…just to New Year’s Eve as 2016 was in its last moments.

The ball dropping on New Year’s Eve signifies two things for recruiters:

  1. The erasing of 2016’s mistakes, blunders, and failures
  2. The beginning of a clean slate and a chance to hit the ground running

If you followed along with our stats to look out for in 2016, you might not be so quick to erase the year. Some of the biggest trends we saw in ’16 were around social recruiting, mobile recruiting, and attention to candidate experience. If you built programs in those areas then you might be quite proud of your accomplishments.

And for those that didn’t have such a great 2016, the slate is now clean and it’s your chance to start over. We realize that trend posts are somewhat…trendy…but even being aware of them will help you shed some light on your own company’s hiring needs and you can be ahead of the curve when they start to take form.

Here are 7 trends every recruiter should know in 2017:

  1. Expect a Larger Investment in Social Recruiting

We tend to expect this each year moving forward, but it’s always going to be important to note. If our stats to look out for in 2016, we wrote that 79% of job seekers were likely to use social media for their job search, and now that job seekers are only getting younger, you can expect that number to be on the incline.

Social media is a powerful tool for companies that need to promote their unique company culture and engage their talent pool. Expect to see both in-house teams and recruiting agencies to invest heavily in social marketing for recruiting.

2. A Focus on Workplace Diversity

Diversity in the workplace was a trend in 2016 and it will continue in 2017. In 2016, 57% of people thought their company should be doing more to increase diversity. As we move into 2017, a survey from Glassdoor found that 67% of active and passive job seekers believe diversity is a factor when considering job offers.

How are recruiters planning for this? A survey by SHRM found that 57% of recruiters are focusing their strategies on diversity.

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3. Employee Referrals Will Be a Top Source of Hire

Along with job boards and social networks, employee referrals will be huge for recruiters. How big? Almost half of recruiters say that employee referrals are their top source. Why is that? Well, it makes sense when realizing that referred employees tend to stay longer with the company and are faster to hire.

4. Automation Won’t Replace Recruiters

Technology is awesome, but no one wants to watch as tech takes over and replaces you. Don’t worry, that’s not going to happen to recruiters anytime soon. The MIT Technology Review created a four-question survey to determine which fields could be replaced by automation, and the results for HR and Recruiting turned out to be low. So if you were worried about your job in 2017, you can relax.

5. Attention to Candidate Experience is a Must

Candidate experience has been one of the biggest themes in recruiting for several years now and HR will continue to repair it in 2017. If the candidate experience isn’t positive, everyone knows about it through social media channels, blogs, etc. This is a scary problem for employers with a broken process. What’s important to note here is that to provide the best candidate experience, employers need to continually evaluate and adapt their hiring process to candidate needs. What worked in 2016, might not work in 2017. Change often is the game here.

6. Think Mobile First

Job seekers are on the move, which means the job search must ride alongside them on their mobile devices. Employers who pay attention to this will win out on talent. Ensuring your career site, application portal, and culture videos are capable of playing on all mobile device screens is critical.

7. Pay Transparency Will Make a Push

While not new, there was a heavy focus on transparency in the workplace in 2016. As this continues in 2017, job seekers will be much more prepared and armed with information. For this reason, employers should be prepared for increased salary negotiations with their talent.

We hope you’ll follow along these trends and see how they map out at your company. We can’t promise that each of them will have an impact specifically on your organization, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

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