Todays Blu-Ray Releases

If your going to buy ONE movie this week: Southpaw

Jake Gyllenhaal is a mother fuckin’ beast. No really, the song in the first five minutes literally says so. And you will want to download it and workout to it tommorow. Don’t work out? You will. So consider this movie all of the below:

  1. Your workout motivation for the week.
  2. This movie would make Satan himself cry. So if making someone cry is ever your goal? Pull this out anytime anywhere. Tears. For everyone.
  3. It SHOULD have been an oscar contender. Critically panned by some for being too much like a typical boxing movie. You know, the overcoming of ones-self and over-whelming obstacles to triumph and inspire while also being entertaining? You know, the goal of every movie ever? This is a classic case of critics copying and pasting eachother. If you like movies…. you should like Southpaw. Tell me why I’m wrong.
  4. It tells a gory story about a man becoming a father that will break your heart & inspire you. IT WILL FUCKING MAKE YOU CRY.

If you care about more than whether it will make you workout and cry then here’s a full review (Keep scrolling there’s more below) :

Close, close second: The Gift

One of those movies that you keep pulling off the shelf as soon as you hear someone say they haven’t seen it yet. Fun one to own because as you watch it with someone their first time you can look at their faces when things get extra creepy or a twist pops up and see pure reaction. A true joy of any movie buff sharing their time.

Joel Edgerton is a creepy badass (the movie, not in real life where he wrote and directed it also) and Jason Bateman uses more than his fantastic hair (fuck off, don’t act like you haven’t noticed) in this twisty thriller that reminds us of the 80’s when more than just remakes and sequels hit theaters.

Sure the stalker creepy weirdo things been done before but this doesn’t take much from those and adds its own “holy shit” factor that will leave you talking. Well acted and crafted story not about Justin Timberlakes Dick in a Box song. (KEEP SCROLLING THERES MORE)

What to use as toilet paper if you’re rich this week: PIXELS

Why the fuck would you buy this?

Underrated flick of the week: Dark Blue

Kurt Russell right at the tail end of full on bad-ass Kurt Russell mode. Don’t get me wrong he will always be a badass. But he was younger and stuff.

Oh yeah…..and fucking METEOR MAN!

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