The New Trailer For ‘It Comes at Night’ Makes Things Even Creepier

Joel Edgerton in a horror film bodes well, eh? I can hear you mentioning The Thing remake but that was a long time ago so BACK OFF! It Comes At Night has a solid cast and some rave reviews coming from the Overlook Festival where it was just recently screened. Everyone seems quite happy and or/filled with positive expectations. Except the people in this trailer:

THE GODDAMN DOOR IS BLUE!!!!! I mean, red.

What excites me here is the actual shots of the creature-esque sickly folk and the blood mouth scene. (You ever write a sentence that just makes you question your path in life?) I’d hate to have all of these dark shenanigans be merely a Joel Edgerton’s mental health. Nobody wants a cop-out he imagined the whole thing ending. Someone yacking blood into someone else’s mouth pretty much dispelled that thought. Sweet.

All signs are looking good for It Comes At Night. It comes on June 9th, 2017. Probably at night. Or at-least the late afternoon.

Mike Holtz

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