Be the Onboarding Designer at WeWork UX

Are you THE designer?

Fast forward one year:

Your designs improved every WeWork members’ first-time experience. Your work on the new member welcome process was a masterpiece of thoughtful service interactions that gave our community managers tools to make every new WeWork member feel at home. The design of the printed membership kit has made communicating the details of new membership easy. You cleaned up online interactions, like setting up printers, taking a ton of frustration out of our old onboarding process. And your redesign of our online services, like the guest registration subsite, made day-to-day rituals a dream for members. Everything is so much smoother now.

This wasn’t an accident. It was your efficient and effective experience for the onboarding user journey, based on your user research of onboarding stakeholders that informed what you and the team needed to do. You then sketched out design alternatives using user flows, information architecture, sitemaps, and storyboards, expressing ideas in a visually appealing way that made other team members excited to move forward. All the while, you kept the WeWork brand guidelines in mind, and created working prototypes that proved valuable for research.

Overall, you changed the onboarding user journey in measurable ways. You demonstrated amazing product, visual, and prototyping design skills. Awesome! We want to thank you for being an awesome WeWork UX onboarding designer.

As one of the first few team members of WeWork UX, we thank you for your dedication and hard work. We look forward to the next four years!

Now back to today:

WeWork UX is a brand new group creating a holistic experience for WeWork members worldwide through physical spaces, digital products, and service design. Our mission is to create and inspire compelling, effective experiences through deep data-driven human understanding, innovation, design, and best practices. We’re ready to make a critically important hire — our onboarding user journey designer — that will work directly with the onboarding design team lead, other team members, and any relevant WeWork department. If you are an experienced designer, and would love to be part of a new approach to physical, digital, and service design, you should strongly consider applying to this position.

You will work in our New York City headquarters. We’ll provide the resources you need to bring out the best in your talents and skills.

If you’d like this to be your story, send an email to with the following:

  • First and last name
  • Phone number
  • Address (street, City State / Province / Region, Postal / Zip Code, Country)
  • Website
  • Skype username
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Attach a PDF with your Résumé
  • IMPORTANT: a cover letter that includes a half-page write-up of your most significant design accomplishment, describing your process and the outcome.
  • We’d also love a link to your portfolio.

We will be in touch soon!

In the meantime, you might want to check us out on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and two short Medium articles by our Head of UX, Tomer Sharon:

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