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Photo by Artur Kraft on Unsplash

Crédits photo: Tim Gouw

Une solution “made in France” pour une ville intelligente

Un nouvel enjeu économique pour l’industrie automobile ?

Crédit Photo: Ride Austin

Of the 17 million homes in Bangladesh that are cut off from the electric power system, 3 million rely on energy from domestic solar panels called Solar Home System (SHS). In these mainly rural areas, the start-up Solshare installs nanogrids (basically micro-networks) that allow individuals to share their electricity with roughly a dozen other homes, of which some are equipped with solar panels and others not.

Copyright: Helena Wright

Nanogrids for sharing solar energy peer-to-peer

Crédit Photo: Helena Wright


Media sur les #innovations sociétales, urbaines, environnementales et économiques qui nous aideront à bâtir un futur positif et #collaboratif #ChangingWorld

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