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What is trustless?

Recently, many people — especially blockchain developers — have entered the controversy regarding the meaning of the word ‘trustless’ [1, 2]. Some argue that this term means ‘lack of trust in data or person’, that is, a ‘trustless weather forecast’ means ‘I don’t trust the weather forecast.’ Others believe that trustless means the absence of parties which require trust. In this case, a ‘trustless weather forecast’ means ‘There isn’t anyone who prepared the weather forecast, whom I would need to trust in order to believe the forecast.’

Historically, the first meaning existed before the second one arose; it is broader in meaning, and includes the second one. The second meaning appeared at the dawn of blockchain technology. Its creators wanted to succinctly convey the idea of the lack of necessity of a central trusted party, thus inventing a new meaning of the word ‘trustless’. …

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Wealth Management Challenge

A person in possession of capital seeking to hire a wealth manager has to make a difficult choice among a wide range of offers. A client has to rely purely on the reputation of a manager while measuring the reputation isn’t quite rational. Instead, a client should to look for the result of their previous work.

What Affects Client’s Choice of a Wealth Manager?

There are three qualities that top the list: competence, reliability, and cost of service.

Competence. Only the capability (or incapability) of fulfilling investing objectives can fully illustrate the wealth manager’s professionalism to their potential clients. As of now, a metric to measure a wealth managers’ effectiveness is lacking; there are some indirect characteristics such as reputation, assets under management, and the brand existence period. …

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We are starting the series of articles dedicated to our team members. The first to be introduced is our CEO, Andrei Huseu. The core thinker and the Perpetuum mobile, he pushes the project forward at an incredible pace.

Some fact about Andrei:

Out of 16 years of experience in investment banking and asset management, Andrei has 11 years of experience as a CEO, since 2015 a managing partner of Mera Capital group. Has an impressive track of successful investments in equity, private equity, crypto assets.

He is an author of several scientific research in the field of financial statistics and gives expert comments that journalists quote in their articles to enrich the material. …

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• DEX. Decentralized asset storage and transaction execution guarantee security. This is why we decided to integrate a Decentralized Exchange functionality into Wealthman Platform.

• A blend of human- and algorithm-driven asset management. Investors will have an option to work with either wealth managers or robo-advisors. This will give investors an opportunity to choose a way to manage their portfolio according to preferences.

• White-label interface. Wealth managers will be able to convey the style of their company by using their corporate design patterns within their workspace. Investors may feel secure in a familiar setting.

• Decentralized efficiency measurement. Investors will be the “collective mind” behind the decision on the method of ranking the productivity of wealth managers. Investors will select filters through which managers will go to be placed in the top of the list. Thus, investors will motivate wealth managers to be efficient, and therefore competitive.

• Accurate and uninterrupted data provision. We incorporate the proof of stake (PoS) into data provision to ensure precise and timely supplement of the data for re-balancing of portfolios. …

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For both investors and ICO founders, this trend is positive.

Recently, there has been a huge growth in the crypto market, however, it also experienced many cases of scam.

Therefore, the SEC has filed a number of lawsuits in recent months against allegedly fraudulent initial coin offerings (ICOs). Previously, the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) used to examine only the particular cases of violation of the regulatory policies such as The DAO ( or Munchee ( in the effort to combat scams. The policies they follow now are the securities regulations formed back in the 1930s.

However, the hearing in the Senate entitled “Virtual Currencies: The Oversight Role of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission” on February, 6th made it clear that the SEC is to conduct an inspection of all ICOs that are held, registered in, or aim to attract funds from the USA. …



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