WealthTech Insights #8 with Michael Thrasher: Technology and Financial Services Take Advantage of Each Other

WealthTech Insights with Michael Thrasher

For this episode of WealthTech Club, we interviewed New York-based reporter Michael Thrasher.

Michael Thrasher
Reporter at wealthmanagement.com (WM).

At WM, Michael covers private banks and brokerage. Before joining WM, Michael covered insurance at Forbes and worked as a recruiter for tech companies.

We asked Michael Thrasher about his vision on WealthTech development, and discussed potential industry changes in the near future.

Read the full interview with Michael Thrasher on WealthTech Club.

Interviewed by Vasyl Soloshchuk, CEO and co-owner at INSART, FinTech & Java engineering company. Vasyl is also author of the WealthTech Club, which conducts research into Fortune and Startup Robo-advisor and Wealth Management companies in terms of the technology ecosystem.

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