Wealthee Data Privacy

One aspect of apps nowadays is that it is hard to tell what is being done with your data. It seems when you sign up for a service you typically get all kinds of marketing emails which you never signed up for, but the company in question seems to think it is OK because everyone else is doing it, and you signed up for their service after all.

This blog post will serve as a checkpoint to know exactly where your data is going, what third party services are being used, and what data is being sent out of the app. Wealthee will never sell data because there are plenty of ways to make money. If that were to change — and it’s hard to imagine why — then there will be ample notice given including multiple emails (there isn’t even a signup yet) and in app notifications clearly stating what’s being changed.

By default all data lives in the app. Below are services used and what data those services receive:

  1. Coinmarketcap.com
    - List current cryptocurrencies
    - For each cryptocurrency added in app, a call is made to get current price sending only the cryptocurrency ID (e.g. “ethereum”)
  2. Alphavantage (Changed Nov 3rd from Yahoo)
    - Gold spot via wealthee.financial
  3. The Investor’s Exchange (Changed Nov 3rd from Yahoo)
    - Equities prices
  4. Zillow
    - If you choose to connect to Zillow, property addresses are sent to Zillow via wealthee.financial (which does not log the address). Zillow sends a property ID back to the app which is stored in the app
    - From time to time the property valuation is requested from Zillow via wealthee.financial (again, not logged) using the ID stored in the app
  5. Coinbase
    - If you choose to connect to Coinbase, the app will store a key that is used to read buy, sell, and send transactions to tabulate your holdings

If anything is unclear, please send feedback in the Add section of the app. This blog post will be updated as services are modified or added.