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Do you need Prayer, Dear Business Owner?

Chaplains for Businesses

Chaplains for Businesses in the Boise area but can pray remotely, of course. We focus on Small Businesses. The larger corporations have their prayer intercessors on board but what about the small businesses?

I have a vast amount of experience in many denominations. I have been a Christian since 1987. I have prayed in the Healing Rooms for a few years, and I was a Convener in the Order of St. Luke the Physician (OSL) for 4 years, teaching healing to people in any denomination. At a Calvary Chapel, I was a Prayer Counselor for 6 years and I discipled Women’s One on One in a Discipleship program for 5 years. I have taught various bible classes and seminars across America in various cities and denominations.

I can remember praying for a guy who had a bad back. Of course that would interfere with work if you are laid up at home and you don’t normally work at home. So he came into church for prayer and the prayer team had been praying for him. When I walked in a few minutes later, the words came to me to “Command his Healing”. So I mentioned it to the leader. She said to me, you got it, you pray it! So I did.

When we were done praying for the gentleman, we asked him if he felt better. He said a little. We offered to pray for him again but he declined. So he left the church sanctuary and went to the fellowship hall. As he was entering into the fellowship hall entrance, his back was healed.

His wife came to tell us, as we were still in the sanctuary, that her husband’s back was healed. They “blamed” me for the healing and of course I had to give credit to the LORD in heaven. Two weeks later, I asked him how his back was feeling and he said it was still doing well. This is just one experience that I had personally of praying with others for a physical healing.

So in December 2017, I finished 50 hours of training to be a Stephen Minister. It was quite the undertaking with all of the role playing and talking through scenarios. Stephen Ministry helps us to be better listeners for a variety of situations after a crisis, after a death, after a loss of some kind or if a person is just stuck. Praying together can bring answers and relief.

Romans 8:31

In November 2017, I spoke at a Christian Businessmen’s Luncheon. My husband asked me how I felt to be the only woman there. I told him I felt fine…because it was about prayer, not gender. I was another Christian among other Christians.

I recently discovered on LinkedIn a 501-C in Alexandria, MN called Chaplains Caring for Companies. I like how they say that they are “not about promoting religion- any religion- in the workplace.” They are there to “listen to the problems and concerns of the employee…” They are considered to be an “Employee Care Program.” These comments are on their FAQ’s page.

On their testimony page, there are some Presidents of companies giving their review of having a Chaplain visit their employees weekly with a few minutes each…establishing a rapport so that when a crisis hits, they have a face with the name before they come to tend to the need.

Let us pray together

I began Chaplains for Businesses with Single Moms in mind to have them join me as Chaplains for the local businesses. So as I start out talking to various small business owners, I hope to hear what would make this an effective part for their businesses. My main focus is the business owners to be able to pray with them for business strategies, upcoming events, decisions and any current crisis along with any employee turnarounds.

I prayed with a man who was stuck in his business. He was waiting for his General Contractor’s license. It was like all the licenses were back logged. He had talked to others who had been waiting for many months like he had. So I thought, “Well, it’s just time to fast and pray about this”. So I started fasting and praying for this gentleman’s contractor’s license to come. And within a month, he had it in his hand and was getting paid the money for the jobs that he deserved. God does answers prayers when there are two or more praying for his will to be done.

Chaplains for Businesses

I would love to hear your feedback on your ideas and/or other chaplaincy programs around the world listing their web links in the comment section so that I can check it out. Being a Prayer Intercessor is my calling and I have seen many prayers answered on other’s behalf and mine. I can tell you a number of stories where God worked things out in the nick of time. (So keep coming back for more stories.)

Thanks for reading.

In Christ Name,

Nek’ka Migel

Chaplains for Businesses





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