The heart pumps blood

The heart pumps blood.

Now I know that is not news to some of you. But look at this devotion written on March 23, 2016 by Gary Meuser based on his book A Smarter Heart.

“…for the life of all flesh is its blood…” Leviticus 17:14

“Blood is life for every creature that God has or will create. This truth helps us begin to really appreciate the organ in the midst of our chest cavity, the HEART. Your heart, which is approximately the size of your fist, pumps an enormous quantity of blood throughout your body, from before birth until the time of death. The heart pumps approximately two gallons of blood a minute which equals 2,000 to 3,000 gallons a day.Your vascular system, the veins which transport your blood, is 60,000 miles long. If you went on a 45 year long vacation and, to your horror, left the kitchen faucet wide open; that flow of water would equal the amount of blood your heart pumps in a lifetime, around 1.5 million gallons, enough to fill up an ocean oil tanker or 200 train tanker cars. Would you agree with me that God did a marvelous work when he created your heart?

Ponder This — If you put that much capacity and potential into something you created, would you just walk away and let it fend for itself, or would you love and cherish it?”

Hi Single moms.
I know some of you Home school. I thought you might be interested in this book for reading about our heart or for doing a devotion. Gary Meuser, author of A Smarter Heart, writes devotions about the human heart, physically as well as spiritually.

Take a look at this devotion and go to his page to LIKE IT to get the word out to others.

Thanks, Dear Single Moms.

Nek’ka Migel
Single Moms Unite, LLC

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