Football This Weekend….

More Drama in this weekends Premier league football.

Chelsea’s Woes

The most obvious place to start is on Saturday with Chelsea and their defeat to West Ham.

Jose Mourinho was seen in August as basically untouchable, now he is odds on at 8/11 to be sacked before the end of the season with bookmaker Paddy Power .

No one but perhaps the people close to the clubs owner will know how close he is to pulling the trigger but the most alarming thing for Roman Abramovich and Chelsea fans will not be the fact that they are losing as every team has poor spells, it is the way they are doing it. Forget the Special ones deflective smoke and mirror tactics blaming Referees or Physios they have been completely outclassed by teams who they would have swatted away less than six months ago.

What also should not be forgotten during the media post mortem of the game is that West Ham yet again out performed and got a win against one of the “so called” big four. Slaven Bilic’s teams have a swagger and an air of class that was reflective of the man himself as a player

Manchester Derby

As surprising as it sounds Sundays nil all draw at Old Trafford will suit both teams, United could not afford to give up and more ground in the title race and City could ill afford United the chance of a confidence boost. The game itself was a tense affair with Schneiderlin and Martial arguably the best performers on the pitch.Whilst Manchester United bare little resemblance to the expansive attacking football deployed by Matt Busby, Tommy Docherty, Ron Atkinson and then of course Alex Ferguson the fact that they are still in the title race approaching the Christmas season. This is clearly a testament to the current manager, whilst the bookies still have Manchester City heavy favorites United cannot be counted out.

Tim Sherwood sacking

The Managerial merry go round is still turning in full force with Tim Sherwood this weeks latest victim. With lack of investment from the clubs owners and having to sell his best players its very hard for the neutral to see how Sherwood could have fared better. David Moyes has been heavily linked with this job as he is apparently under pressure in Spain. It would be hard to see Moyes risk his reputation which took a hit at Manchester United by taking the Villa job where any manager essentially is doing a job with one arm tied behind their back.

Articles we recommend this week

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Not so much to do with professional football but to highlight a disgusting incident that happened in a junior football match in Dublin. Being a referee is a thankless task at the best of times but this incident should be shared to raise awareness.

Ivor Speaks on League 2 action

After a dramatic week of league two football, which included the sacking of York City’s Russ Wilcox following a staggering nine-loss streak, AFC Wimbledon’s Commercial Director, Ivor Heller, gave us his views on the current division two situation.

After an up and down start to the season the table is very tight, this is something we have come to expect in League 2 football. Take AFC Wimbledon as an example; we are sitting in 12th place, just three points away from the playoffs and five points shy of an automatic promotion spot.

One reason for the competitiveness of our league may be the similarities in expenditure of the league two teams. Again using us as an example, AFC Wimbledon have one of the smallest budgets in the league but with an above average £200,000. This is one of the beauties of league two and definitely adds to the fun.

What an exciting two thirds of a season we have left, I can honestly say that I think the scrap for promotion and playoff places will not be clear-cut until the final day.

My Result of the Week is definitely Plymouth Argyle. They were 1–0 down until late in their game against Luton Town. The Luton fans would have been buoyant before Plymouth scored twice, showing real strength of character to come back and win the game.

Without a shadow of a doubt my Player of the Week has to be Lyle Taylor. AFC Wimbledon’s Taylor scored 3 goals with two or three assists in 2 away games this week. Following injury and suspension it’s taken a while for him to get started but boy, he’s started now!

I swear I’m being 100% impartial when I say my Manager of the Week has got to be Neal Ardley — Two away wins in a week. I don’t think there’s another manager who matched that in the league. Let’s see if Ardley can lead AFC Wimbledon to three back-to-back wins for the first time this year against Hartlepool on Saturday at The Cherry Red Records Stadium.

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