By David Martin (Founder at Fantasy)

Our 2019 annual company retreat was upon us. All our employees and team members were attending including those that were new to our brand.

Fantasy was now 20 years old and it was time to bring everyone back to our early years in digital and take a look at some pioneering UX achievements.

I personally could not attend the retreat, so I sent along this video to present some of our pioneering firsts in digital.

Although our impact on our clients today is far more tangible, when I reflect on the past, I…

By David Martin of Fantasy

Last August, I attended a UFC event at the Staples Center (No! Not this one). Months prior, the UFC had hired our design firm as their UX design partner. While at the event, I went to use the bathroom backstage. A security person directed me towards a small, scruffy hallway, where it seemed there was one person ahead of me.

Me: “Is this the queue for the bathroom?”
Elon Musk:Yes it is.”


Me: “I have a Model X…love it”
Elon Musk: “Oh awesome, glad you like it”


And then it came. The…

by David Martin (Founder)

These are the brand values we have stood by for 20 years. Wow, I just re-read that.. “20 years”. They have been our DNA, our moral compass, our principals to stand on. They have always been inside us like a force. Just never down on paper.

As part of our 20th year, the employees wanted to dig deep and identify what they truly felt identifies the company for them, TODAY!

As the longest member of Fantasy, I was purposely not part of any of the workshops and the process that contributed to the end result…

Recently we published a shared keynote file, detailing the UX setup developed and utilized by our UX teams at Fantasy in San Francisco and New York City.

If you are interested in becoming an experience director at Fantasy in New York City, San Francisco or Miami, look at the keynote or the slides below and then go ahead and message me directly on Linkedin.

But first, a short UI reel to wet your appetite.

Fantasy UI — “Dream as big as you dare”

We have long recognized that some of the best of you in the UX / UI world, do not live, cant or may want to live in a NYC or San Francisco. In addition to our US based teams, we have successfully created a remote, full-time, UX/UI Team consisting of amazing talent from Russia to Vietnam from China to the UK. …

Alright, so how do you present a global brand at a global scale? Imagine getting that brief? from Facebook! Yep…let’s do this.

Surviving and thriving in the digital business over the past 15 years you get to see some interesting client briefs. They all start with an email that gently touches down in our inbox such as this one:

A sincere passion of any UI/UX design team is taking raw data and turning it into visual awesomeness. Right? Off course it is.

At our little design firm, Fantasy, we have indeed NO sales/business department that churns up work. Proudly, 100% of it happens organically and lands in our inbox like a present on Christmas morning. Sometimes you unwrap the paper and open a pair of socks and other times it’s a Super Nintendo.

So when The Weather Channel emailed and asked if we would partner with them and their meteorologists to turn complex data into intuitive visualizations for Apple…

Here at Fantasy, we tend to publish our thoughts on broken industries from healthcare to e-commerce using the question; “what if?”.

Recently we focused on a mobile experience and the popular genre’s of travel and dating. Typical millennial audience stuff, the kind of stuff that needs to exhibit best in class LLOE (low level of effort) UX, that’s right, so you can with one hand and one eye open, book a vacation just before you share what you did on Facebook before you fall asleep at 2am.

So what if Tinder did travel? The UX value we get from the…

Take a moment to consider the state of the world today. We face a world of dire and complex challenges. From violent social divides and extreme poverty to climate change. There are many socially motivated initiatives that are taking on these challenges. Yet what we see increasingly from Silicon Valley are simplistic solutions to address problems that people didn’t realize they had in the first place while the struggle of people’s daily realities go unaddressed. …


by David Martin (Founder & President)

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