Crowdsourcing Creative Collaboration

Creative collaboration gets stuff done. Fact.

When collaborating effectively, working becomes both more efficient and more enjoyable.

When we set up the Test Lab at the beginning of this year, we wanted to develop a space where creatives and change-makers in our local area could learn and work together using Design Thinking; to fuel creative collaboration in Nottingham. Since then, we’ve hosted four sessions and been delighted by how everyone’s got stuck in.

In the last session, we posed the question:

‘How might we increase collaboration in our workplaces?’

You had a bucketful of ideas — 63 to be exact — and we promised to share them.

  1. Say yes to everything
  2. Be open
  3. Understand motivations
  4. Email-free days
  5. Understand values
  6. More space away from desks
  7. Open a free bar
  8. Move staff to work with end users
  9. Don’t charge for your product
  10. Ask people what went wrong, and what would have made it go better
  11. Find commonality
  12. Capture the key outcomes of previous collaborations
  13. Use video chat to work remotely
  14. Ban headphones
  15. Problem-focused events
  16. Change everyone’s titles
  17. Change KPIs
  18. Give someone a ‘collaboration’ lead role
  19. Create a culture that supports radical candor
  20. Removed blockers centred on self e.g. performance management
  21. Get off your seat
  22. Free team lunches
  23. Cross-team meetings
  24. Better coffee!
  25. Hotdesking
  26. Have different environments for different tasks
  27. Bigger communal spaces
  28. Host ‘play dates’
  29. Throw a party
  30. More catch-ups
  31. Use a coaching approach to manage relationships
  32. Teach active listening
  33. Set up different working groups
  34. Have Q&A feedback sessions
  35. Publish agendas
  36. Talk to each other
  37. Base teams in the same location
  38. Replace voice calls with video
  39. Fine people for being late to calls
  40. Have daily stand ups
  41. Have get to know you meetings
  42. Give everyone benefit of the doubt
  43. Articulate targets that require input
  44. Have an away day
  45. Find out more about people’s stories
  46. Develop shared outputs / measures
  47. Have a shared project
  48. Interdepartmental meetings
  49. Appoint team liason officers
  50. Work out what value we all add
  51. Find out what our strengths are
  52. Hold a showcase of what we do
  53. Invite the quiet to lead
  54. Team building event
  55. Find something we have in common
  56. Go for a beer
  57. Form clubs
  58. Only ask questions in response to someone
  59. Making mistakes is acceptable
  60. Work with those you don’t like
  61. Have team challenges
  62. Open and honest conversations
  63. Remove hierarchy

We dare you to take an idea forward to develop. Come along to our next Test Lab on 29th June where we’ll be covering some prototyping tools to push your ideas forward quickly and effectively.