Getting Unstuck (Part II)

In Part I we talked about that sinking, all-consuming, motivation and momentum-sapping feeling of being stuck. We’ve all been there, and getting stuck is part of life — especially when we’re working on important and complex stuff.

But staying stuck is a choice.

We’ve had years of experience helping people get unstuck. Here are some of the techniques we’ve found most effective.

Acknowledge that you’re stuck. It happens.
Take a deep breath.
Put it into perspective.
Talk to someone about the problem.
Listen — but really listen. Especially to those who may have a different perspective or have overcome a similar challenge in a different way. This might be someone you know, or insight from a book, a podcast or a film.
Start to piece together what you’re hearing and use it to inform what your next step will be.
Change your environment — go outdoors.
Play that tune that always makes you feel good.
Stop thinking about it and sleep on it — create some space and time.
Re-frame. Look at the problem from a different perspective — step into someone else’s shoes.
Make constraint your friend, rather than your enemy.
Break down the problem into smaller parts.
Know what would be the worst that could happen. And then say what the heck.
Know that Rome wasn’t built in a day, but that tree-houses, clothes horse homes and dens certainly can be.
Stop. Maybe you’re working on the wrong thing.
Find your fuel — what you’re really passionate about — let that guide you.
Share your fuel — crowd-source people who feel the same and create a tribe.
Figure out your why, what, how. In that order.

And finally…

Know that making mistakes means you’re doing it right. Just don’t make the same ones over and over (that’s just stupid).

So if you’re feeling stuck on something, we dare you to put one of these into practice this week. Let us know how you get on.

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