Spreading the Jam

One of our values at We Are Unstuck is to Fuel the Future. And to fuel our own future, we’re always looking for opportunities to learn and develop, so we jumped at the chance to attend Jam 2016.

Here are five insights that we took away from a day of fresh thinking. Any of these problems sound familiar?

1) Is your product backlog looking a bit light?

Antoine from Busuu shared the four step approach they take to fuel their product backlog -

Observe, Understand, Ideate and Decide (these kind of steps might feel a little bit familiar if you’re aware of Design Thinking).

Stepping through these phases prevents them from focusing on features and ignoring problems, removing decisions which are made by HiPPOs* or LSPOs**.

*highest paid person’s opinion
**loudest shouting person’s opinion

2) Can’t decide which idea to deliver?

Antoine from Busuu introduced RICE as a way to decide which ideas to develop further whilst avoiding bias.

An idea’s RICE score can be calculated by…

Reach (how many users will be impacted in a quarter) x Impact (how much impact do we think the feature will have on the KPI) x Confidence (how confident are we about our Impact and Effort estimates)/ Effort (Person month of a developer).

3) Want to give your personas a heartbeat?

Anna from Ocado introduced us to ‘Alice Organised’, a lifesize cutout of a persona they created to help them step into their customer shoes. (Alice attends meetings, and this way no one can ignore her!)

4) Struggling to get an idea off the ground?

Nilan from TransferWise talked about their first prototype to avoid bank charges whilst moving money to Estonia — they basically sent the money to a savings account. The second prototype was a group Skype call, where they matched people in different countries with the amount of money they wanted to send. Great hacks to test the initial idea.

5) New ways of working not getting the love?

Andrea shared her story of how she introduced The Guardian to Design Sprints, but faced lots of challenges to a new way of working. One of the pushbacks was the number of customers you need to test with to get statistical significance. The probability of a user encountering a problem during testing is 31%, and therefore just 5 customers would discover 85% of problems.

If you’re looking for ways to fuel your own future, get some fresh perspective from one of our open courses. Our ‘Design Thinking — Insight in a Day’ course will teach you how to push past surveys and focus groups, and innovate through gaining new, deep insights into your customers and clients. Tickets available for London (1st February) and Manchester (7th February).

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